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My Name is Christina. I am married to my best friend Adam for 14 years. We have a son named Zachary. We have two dogs Coco and Crystal. I am a care giver at my home. I am a foster parent. I was blogging with a friend until recently. I decided to go on my own. I have worked with a variety of brands and products. I write honest reviews and giveaways.

I cover a wide range of topics from: parenting, cooking, family and DIY projects. I post everyday and while I enjoy writing, my specialty is product reviews. I enjoy these reviews as I can share my experiences of the products with my readers. I was born and raised in New Jersey.






My name is Sandra. I work full time at a bank. I am single and live at home with my parents. I consider myself an honest person with a propensity for being blunt. My sarcasm and humor are like a second language for me. However I’m still a work in progress. I used to weigh around 400 pounds and am still on my journey to my goal weight. Being obese was a struggle and I had tried fad diets and other things to try to lose weight and nothing seemed to work. It hadn’t worked because I didn’t believe it possible and I was looking at it as a diet instead of the lifestyle change that it really was. I started slow by portion control and walking a few times a week. Every step towards my goal was a fight and most of which I fought with myself. I swore I’d never calorie count, or get a heart rate monitor, or heaven forbid enjoy running. As I continued to see results, I continued to do the things I said I never would. I may fall off the wagon every once in a while, but I keep getting back on and heading towards my goal for a healthy weight and a fit and active life. With anything in fitness there is a lot of trial and error. What might have worked for a while might not work forever. Your body is always changing so your workouts and meal plans should change as well. My favorite fitness slogan is “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.” While I continue to challenge myself, I hope to help others do the same by giving helpful tips and reviews on things that I’ve tried and find work or help. Because the only one who can change you is you.

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