How To Cope With Two Children In Diapers

When you choose to have your children close together, or you’re blessed with twins, life can be pretty hectic. When there are a couple of years between the ages of your first and second born, some of the essentials like potty training are probably well under way. But having two little darlings in diapers at the same time can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tips and tricks out there to help you cope with the mayhem!

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“This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”Luvs Box Product ShotExperienced moms like Luvs diapers. Not only are they dependable diapers they are very affordable. Luvs is a brand that I trusted to use on my son Zachary. I didn’t have to worry about leaks and they are more affordable then other brands. Luvs is offering opportunities to save even more money on diapers this month with a $2.00 print-at-home coupon offer which you can find here. Continue reading →

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The warm weather is almost here. This time of year I have to keep my lips moisturized as the sun dries them out. My lips then crack and dry out. I carry around chapstick wherever I go. They have a new Escape to paradise Collection. These Chapsticks include Key Lime, Aloha Coconut and Mango Sunrise. These flavored Chapsticks will have you dreaming of an island getaway!  Continue reading →

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.



I try to save money when it comes to shopping, going out to eat or even going out. You can save money in so many ways. You can buy sale items  and use coupons to help save money. I use coupons all the time. If you combine coupons with a  sale you even get a better deal. You can save money on your everyday items you buy just by looking at store flyers and catching the sales. Recently I have used Groupon Coupon which is one of the first places I look before going out or shopping. Continue reading →

Entenmann’s Little Bites Snacking’ Bites #Review#Giveaway#BBUSA

13211175_10206540278929788_852486645_oMy son Zachary has a very long school day. They have over a half hour ride on the school bus in the morning and afternoon. He is always starving when he gets off the bus. I am always looking for snacks to hold him over either in the morning or after school between meals. Entenmann’s New Snacking Bites are a soft-baked with a naturally flavored fruit filling. Continue reading →

How To Beat The Fear Of The Dentist!

Being scared of the dentist is a normal occurrence with one in five fearing having to go for their six or 12 monthly appointments. People are scared to sit in the dentist chair and having to open their mouth for the dentist to see their teeth. But going to the dentist is so important to ensure that our oral hygiene is kept to a good standard. If we don’t go, we are more at risk of cavities which can lead to teeth removal. Here are some ways you can beat the fear of the dentist. Continue reading →

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25856_1297824219209_3598095_nWhen Zachary was born , I definitely was nervous about how to change his diaper, feed him, heck even holding him made me nervous as a first time mom. I have 2 younger sisters and a brother that I had helped care for but, it was different. In the hospital my nurse had helped me through a lot during my first couple of days. I had a c-section. I remember as I was having my c-section they held Zachary up to my face so I could meet him. After being able to get up and and out of bed, I was trying to breast feed him. I was having trouble. A nurse saw this and came over right away to help me get Zac to latch on.  She also told me whenever you hold your baby simply cup your hand and rub your hand in circular motion around the baby’s head to help keep it round. I had learned a lot from this nurse as I was a first time mother and very nervous. She made me feel more confident, comfortable and happy with my newborn son. Continue reading →