Fiskars Making your Holiday gift wrapping easier


When I first had gotten home and had the tag maker I started to get worried that i was going to have to go back out and buy some tags. If I would have read the name of the product and let it really sink in I would of realized it makes its own tags. You simply get paper, card stock up to 80lb it can cut. The punch will cut into shape. There are 4 different designs to choose from. The tag size will be 2” x 3”. it comes with 20,3/16 eyelets. It also accommodates 5/32. This whole punch can punch heavier materials than standard punches. I am so excited! I can make my own Holiday gift tags. You can choose all different color card stock. different color string, different eyelets and you can add any embellishments that you choose. Continue reading →

The #12Stinks of Christmas ft. Doug E. Fresh and Doug the Pug # Febreze #Iconnect #ad


The holidays are almost here! Time for my family to get together. I have two dogs and with the wet , cold weather they can start to smell. So, I have my Holiday scented candles burning, my noticeable in the bathroom. I keep theAir Effects in my kitchen for when I burn something. Yes, every year I have so much going on something is bound to get burnt. My son just says mom is cooking again. Continue reading →

Zomlings In The Town #WhatNotToys #HolidayGiftGuide

zl2My son loves zombies. I had come across these new toys from WhatNotToys. They are Zomlings In The Town. They are little soft, rubber figures. There are over 100 Zomlings to collect and play with. You can stack The Zomlings Towers to build towns and towers full of Zomlings. The doors can open and close. You can have hours of fun with these toys.  Continue reading →

Making The Transaction From One Kid To Two: Ensure It Goes Smoothly With This Advice

It’s such an exciting time for parents when they decide to have another baby. After all, you get to experience the joys of bringing a new baby into the world who is a ready-made best friend for your first born. However, it doesn’t always run smoothly for parents. After all, your child might not like having to share the attention from you and your other half with the new baby. Here is some advice to ensure the transaction from one kid to two goes smoothly. Continue reading →