L.O.L. Surprise Mini Tin Stocking Stuffers

lolL.O.L. Surprise! is all about bringing the element of surprise to every part of a girl’s life. these tots and their outrageous and spunky personalities are what makes L.o.l. Surprise! one of a kind. These mini tins are great for stocking stuffers. tin

No need to flip your lid, lol mini tins are here! Collect all 6 Tins and the accessories from your favorite club! Find them all and find out what surprises are inside! The tins include 1 charm, 1 wristlet, 2 magnet cards and a surprise! I wonder what your surprise is going to be.tin2Connect with Bulls i Toys


Poo Goo Unicorn Poop

poo3Slime has been the kids new favorite. They like collecting different colors, different textures and different smells. Bulls i toys has Poo Goo Unicorn Poop. It feels like liquid, plays like goo. Unicorns are magical and beautiful creatures, and so is their poop. Bottle it up with Poo Goo Unicorn Poo! Available in four color combinations, this slimy substance has a shimmery metallic look and a fun scent.

poo1The texture is kind of slippery, liquidy feel to it, but it’s thick like a gooey slime, so there’s a really interesting tactile feel to this. Kids who like unicorns and playing with slime will have fun squeezing, squishing, and playing around with this goo. Their new, magical creation is coming! Poo Goo! No, it’s not actually unicorn poop, but it’s what we imagine it could be! This glittery, gooey slime comes in 4 beautiful color combinations. The glitter won’t be all over your hands so can enjoy this slime anywhere you can imagine.poo

Poo Goo is recommended ages 5 and up, and will be fun for kids who like unicorns and playing with slime.

New Squee-Zoo -Balls

squeeze1When I opened the box I was super excited about the New Squee-Zoo -Balls.  I got the unicorn. This stuffed animal is super soft and you squeeze it and its like memory foam. This Unicorn is so squishy, so fluffy, and so cute! They’re Squee-Zoo-Balls, animal balls with a slow-rise foam inside so that you can give them lots of squeezes and squishes. There are eight to collect, including an owl, a unicorn, a fox, a cow, a pig, a dog, a hedgehog, and a narwhal. Each ball is six inches wide and sold separately. Continue reading →

The Precious Moments Giving Plate

prm1My mom has given Giving plates for the past couple of Holidays. This is a great tradition to start. This year Precious Moments has come out with a new Giving plate. This item is designed to be a gift that keeps giving. It’s called the Giving Plate. This elegant plate is made to fill up with your delicious goodies and brought to a gathering. It’s presented to the host so it can be displayed and used as a serving dish. That host then does the same thing by filling it up and bringing it to a gathering and presenting it to a host. It’s really a great idea. Continue reading →

Carpet One Welcome Mat Review and Giveaway

carpetWith the changing of the seasons. The weather is getting colder and the rain and snow is coming. One thing I do every season is change my mats by my door. A simple transition begins with a new welcome mat at your front door. This year Carpet One Floor & Home designers have created 20 welcome mats – each giving 25% of the $29.99 mat to fund five-star charity Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF)’s research programs. The US-made 2’x3’ mats are rubber-backed for durability and available in four themes – Farmhouse, Modern, Classic and Bohemian – to complement the style of any home, and are available at participating Carpet One Floor & Home stores, the largest locally- and family-owned flooring store co-op in North America.  So far, this campaign has raised nearly 1 million dollars for a variety of breast cancer research charities. Continue reading →

How You Can Save Some Money (Whilst Being A Busy Parent)

If you’re a parent, you may think that it’s impossible to save any money. The things that your kids need seem endless; new shoes and clothes, new phone, new school books, anything else?! Whilst there are some costs that you just can’t avoid, there are still ways that you can save money, and have a bit of extra cash. We know that you’re busy, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to save money as a parent, so you’re not spending cash on stuff that you could be getting at a cheaper price. You’re welcome.


pickImage credit


Shop online Continue reading →

Spinmaster’s Pimple Pete


Kids love playing games. Getting them off the electronics and having a fun family game night. Not only do I play games with my son his friends or even when my nieces and nephew come over. When I had told them about the new Pimple Pete game. They got so excited. This game is the combination of a little “yuck” factor with a lot of fun factor, Pimple Pete is the pressure-packed, pimple popping game perfect for some gross-out fun on family game night. Continue reading →

Skyrocketsr’s Grumblies


One of this years hottest toys for this coming Holiday Is Grumblies from SkyRocket. This interactive toy will inspire you to take an active part in your enjoyment with your Grumblies. These toys come in 4 different furry creatures which are quite capable of producing 40 different kinds of noises and therefore, 40 different kinds of emotions. These four hilarious creatures have different personalities and characteristics. Continue reading →

Antsy lab Fidget Cube


fidgetFrom Guardians of the Galaxy, is Rocket Raccoon as a stylized Fidget Cube. Fidget Cube: Rocket Raccoon is figure #002 in the Fidget Cube Collectibles series. Build your collection and display the entire Marvel Fidget Cube series!

An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.™

Fidget Cube™ has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with: Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin.™

The Fidget Cube is the size of a miniature cube and there are six total sides to the device. On ever face of the cube, you’ll notice a different activity that you can mindlessly perform to keep your hands preoccupied. Instead of fidgeting and moving around, you’ll be able to able to play with the device so that you can keep yourself busy in the best way possible – without needlessly moving around. Here are the different faces of the cube: Continue reading →