Best Kept Secrets To Boost Your Family Income

We could all do with a little extra money in our back pockets each month, couldn’t we? Money that could be saved or out to other uses. Perhaps a family vacation or a nice day out somewhere. However, we can all be a little restricted when it comes to our finances, especially if we happen to be on a fixed income each month with no chance of increase or bonus. Continue reading →

Be prepared during rainy season

sr3It has been so rainy the past couple of weeks. I had an umbrella but when I opened it it was broken. I recently had received a shed rain umbrella. I was at my sons baseball game and it started to rain. I was so happy that I had put the umbrella in my car. The Shed Rain umbrella is nice vibrant colors. They have so many colors and patterns to choose from. These umbrellas are easy open and close. There is one button to open and close this umbrella. It opens easily with one push. No more struggling to open the umbrella and getting soaked. sr Continue reading →

Capture every moment with Monster Vision

mv1Digital cameras are the newest technology that I am just starting to learn about and love. Monster Digital has recently delivered the latest technology in high- performance solid state drives. These are perfect for for the pro’s who demand it as well as the consumer that is ready to take the next step into solid state storage and their valuable content. Monster Digital SSDs are available as external drives for laptop and desktop users, as well as all-inclusive do-it-yourself internal upgrade kits geared for MacBook, and Ultrabook upgrades. Monster Digital has a wide variety or electronics to choose from. Anywhere from Virtual Reality products, to camera’s, and accessories that you are able to add to better your experience. The prices are bit pricey but the devices work wonderful and last forever. Continue reading →

Awaken your senses with Spring in a bottle

sos1Now that spring is almost here. I know that my skin is very dry from the cold weather. Softsoap’s new body washes are here to help re hydrate that winter skin. With new scents Honey Creme Lavender is a very soft soothing fragrance of cool lavender mixed lightly with honey. Lavander has always calmed me down and helped me get some rest. Blooming Jasmine and Plum is a burst of fruit  with lots of plum and just enough floral to smell like Spring in a bottle. Both of these body washes add moisture back into your skin. Leaving you soft and healthy glow after a shower. Want a to tale a nice bath after a long hard day. Simply add a little of the Honey creme lavender to your bath water. It is so relaxing and fresh. Continue reading →

Helping your dog relieve anxiety

calmz1If you have a pet you probably can tell when they are stressed and acting different. My Coco had sever anxiety when I would leave the house. She would pull her own hair out as a result of her anxiety.  When I was home or when the doctor put a cone on her to see if it would get better. It did get better but as soon as the cone was off she started pulling her own hair out again. Now, I have Harley she is a very excitable dog but, she also has anxiety. I think most dogs have anxiety just over different thing like separation, storms, loud noises, other dogs, strangers, travels and even vet visits. Continue reading →

First golf set

gs1My son loves to do what daddy does. It is always so cute seeing him try to dress like daddy, want to mow the lawn or play golf like daddy. With American Plastic Toys your little one can be like daddy with their own size golf set made from plastic. Perfect for budding golf professionals, kids can now create their own putting green right in the backyard with the Junior Pro Golf Set. Continue reading →

The Breathe Right® Fetch Ball

ball1My pup Harley is an aggressive chewer. She end sup tearing up any toy in the matter of seconds. Chuck it! makes a breathe right fetch ball. She can fit the ball in her mouth but it is open and allows air flow to help facilitate breathing and airflow into the dog’s lungs as she is running and fetching. She has had this toy for a couple of days and she has not chewed through it. I know she can but, she seems to like it too much to tear it up. The ball is easy to throw and have her catch. It is a soft rubber.

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Common Mistakes For New Parents To Avoid

There is nothing more daunting than being a new parent. With an endless list of new challenges to face, it is inevitable that you will make some mistakes. When you do, you’ll feel awful, but it happens to everybody. There’s no need to worry about doing things wrong occasionally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get things right, though. Most new parents tend to make the same mistakes. Knowing what they are beforehand can help you to avoid them and be a better parent. Before your little one arrives, make sure that you are aware of these common slip-ups and how to avoid making them yourself.



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Wrap Up The Kids’ Parties With These Simple Tips

Party time can be chaotic and full of excitement. Or it could be organized, well-planned, and a pleasure to undertake. Not every parent wants to manage their children’s parties. It’s not surprising when you consider just how energetic a room full of kids can get! Whether you want to DIY the event or hand them over to a professional, here are some of the best ways to keep it simple yet fun:

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