Tips to Avoid Road Trips from Becoming Disasters

rtTips to Avoid Road Trips from Becoming Disasters from Jeep Cheap.

Road trips are a simple and exciting vacation alternative to shelling out a sizeable sum to go on cruises or visit exotic destinations. However, your road trip could turn out to be a complete and utter disaster if you don’t follow rules or drive recklessly.

Chalk out the route ahead

Before leaving for your trip, planning and preparation are essential and can eliminate a tremendous amount of stress. Map out your route, understanding what roads to take, as well as alternate routes should something impede your primary path, like road construction, closures, or accidents. Don’t forget to take maps of the area so you can back track in case of a wrong turn. In unfamiliar areas, complicated intersections and blind turns can be difficult to navigate, and when preoccupied, you are liable to make a mistake. Continue reading →

Use Car Seats to Ensure Child Safety while Driving


Being a parent, you will definitely do everything within your power to protect your baby from harm. That is why it is all the more necessary to get a car seat installed for your child before he or she is born. 

Here are the reasons why you need a car seat from Mullahey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram– take a look:

They are imposed by the law

In most states, the law requires that children be transported in special seats when taken for a ride with your personal vehicle, as these special seats protect the little ones from injury in case an accident or collision occurs. Continue reading →

Must-have Items for the Emergency Kit of Your Vehicle

rdMust-have Items for the Emergency Kit of Your Vehicle from Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Car-related emergencies can never be predicted. When you are stuck in a situation, such as getting stranded due to a flat tire, this is the thought to pop into your mind, “I wish I had thought of this before and taken the necessary precautions”. That is why it is better to be prepared in advance so that you aren’t caught unawares should something happen! Continue reading →

Simple Fixes That Make A Big Difference To Your Home

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Home renovations are something that every home owner will have to face at some time during the time in which they live there, and most of us know that a lot of renovations are certainly not the cheapest. However, there are things that definitely don’t cost a lot of money or time and that can actually make a really big difference to a home. Continue reading →

Missing Child? Here’s What You Need To Do



It’s every family’s worst nightmare. You might get home from work only to find that your child didn’t return from school or college. Or perhaps you are having a family day out, and your young child wanders off when your back is turned for a brief second. No one ever wants to lose their child or for their teen to go AWOL, but sometimes the unthinkable happens. Continue reading →

Max Build More Blocks

maxMy son is 12 and still loves building. He has many different brand building blocks. Depending what he is in the mood to build is which set he will choose. He really enjoys Max Build More Blocks, the newest toy brick brand exclusively available at Walmart in October. Max Blocks are compatible with all major toy brick brands and offers unbeatable value for budget with high quality bricks for a fraction of the price of big name brands. The founding principle behind Max Blocks is providing high affordability for savvy parents who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to give their little ones the best opportunity to express endless creativity through imaginative brick play!  Continue reading →

LG Watch W7 Smartwatch @LGUSAMobile @BestBuy #ad, IMAGE

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I have been looking for a new watch for my husband. After all my research I wanted to kick off by letting you know about the First Wear OS by Google watch that features a fully functional touchscreen but also has mechanical hands.

My husband has been wanting a smartwatch for some time. We have been looking into all the different styles and functions of what he wanted in a watch. The LG Smartwatch definitely has everything he wanted.  This watch is truly amazing and has so much more then we know it already does.  He now can showcase style and function with this LG Watch W7 smartwatch. Continue reading →

Odin Dog Puzzle

odin4My Harley eats really fast. I had taken her to a dog trainer and he told me to get the Odin for her to try. Keep your dog’s body and brain busy with the Odin Dog Puzzle Toy. Fill it with food or treats, and let your pup push it around to release. Its shape rolls and bounces unpredictably, promoting mental stimulation as well as slower eating. Inspired by art and geometric design, it’s good-looking, too, with no childish colors or noises. Continue reading →


I have to dogs. One is 16 years old and getting very old. The other is just a puppy. She is 4 months old and growing very quickly. Both dogs need different nutrients and smaller kibbles. Recently  I had heard about Evanger’s food for pets real people food for pets! The food is fresh local daily. Continue reading →

ware pets play.™


Family-owned for 25 years, we make innovative, fun products that enrich the lives of pets and their people, at a great value.

ware2We know animals can get bored, like the rest of us. Therefore we believe it is essential to provide exciting, new ways for our pets to explore and have fun every single day. Ware Pets Play has so many different pet care products from water containers, coop control, buildable beds and twist and go carriers. They have products for cats, dogs, birds, small animal, chicken and bee. ware3

Continue reading →