Family Car Hacks while Traveling

car hack

Planning a trip with family? While driving in the car is rarely the best part of your trip, it doesn’t have to be the worst either. All you need is a few hacks from Reedman Toll to make this time stress-free and more pleasurable.

Take a look:

Clean AC Vents

AC vents are the last place you want a build-up of dust. All it takes is blasting the AC on a hot day to send dust flying into the air and around your face. Try using foam paint brushes to collect dirt in every little crevice. Continue reading →

Perfect Gift From

gourmetEvery Holiday season I am looking for gift to give special people in my life. I do not want to get them clothes or gadgets or something I know they are not going to use. They are possibly going to throw away. So, I go with the gift I know they are going to love and enjoy cookies. I will send them The Bakery Gift Tower from Gourmet gift It is easy to order and delivery is very quick.gourmet1 Continue reading →

Trix Trux

trix1Trix Trux is a monster truck that flips, climbs, and zip-lines and you can choose from hot rod, special ops, monster truck, and van. Has over 17’ of track & stunts, multiple ways to play where you can climb, hang, go backward, pop wheelies, balance mid-steam, and face plant. 4 wheel drive with deep treads and side by side grooves for maximum traction. Continue reading →

This Holiday Season is full of fun surprises with Moose Toys Shopkins Color Change Cuties

shopkinDo you remember Hypocolor shirts? They were shirts that would change color with the different temperatures. Well, that was when I was younger. Now they have color changing cuties Shopkins cars. These cute cars come with a mini Shopkins figure that can go inside the car. You wet the cutie car with the applicator that comes with the car with cold water and changes the color. Want the car back to its original color just apply warm water.

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This Holiday Season is full of fun surprises with Moose Toys and Grossery Gang


Between my son, nieces and nephews I try to find different gifts. I usually try to get them a few different toys and maybe a shirt or even socks. The kids do sure love the toys though. Who wants to open clothes? Well, I do but kids do not see it the same way. This year Moose Toys have a few different toys that I would love to tell you about. They are definitely going to be on may kids lists this year. Continue reading →

Going vegetarian during pregnancy

vegNow that you’re pregnant, you’re wondering if your decision to become vegetarian can still be carried out successfully during your pregnancy.  And while it is possible for you to obtain all the nutrients your body will need during pregnancy through a well-planned, nutrient-dense vegetarian diet, careful planning and observation will be crucial to your overall success transitioning to vegetarianism during your pregnancy.  In other words: take it slow and be smart!  Continue reading →

Cut The Wire From Yulu

cutThis is a high-suspense skill-and-action game that combines a little luck and a little deductive reasoning.

Here’s how you play. Install three triple A batteries and switch the game on. Select the game mode–either classic or timed–and you’re ready to go. (By the way, the only difference between the two modes is that in the timed mode players have only 15 seconds to complete their turn.) Choose who goes first, and then on each turn, the player rolls the die, and does what it says. You’ll have four options:  Continue reading →

Spy Code Hackathon from Yulu

hackSpy Code Hackathon from Yulu Toys for ages 8 and up along with 2-9 players and playing time is 20 minutes. The game requires 3 AAA batteries to play. Your identity has been stolen by a group of villains and is saved inside a super-advanced console. You are in possession of the console and your Spy Code squad has the instructions to hack and retrieve the secret information.


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