CareFresh Pet Bedding #Fresh #Clean #CareFresh

carefMy son has a hamster named Jelly. This little pet can make a huge mess. Being that the cage is in my sons room I have to clean it about every two days. I also count on CareFresh Pet bedding. It can last up to 10 days with odor control. I spot clean every two days and clean the cage and change the pet bedding every 4 days. The pet bedding is the safest, healthiest bedding for your pet. Continue reading →

Tips to Drive Safely in Snow by Kim’s Chevrolet


Driving in snow can involve some hazardous situations; from the increased hours of darkness to the snow sleet and ice, one can’t be too cautious. A few minutes planning and thinking ahead will definitely prevent disasters especially in harsh winter conditions. We are usually aware of bad weather forecasts or when bad weather conditions are predicted but only about half of the road users bother with proper precautions according to the highways agency. Continue reading →

Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump #HolidayGiftGuide #PhilipsAvent #BabyShower

pa2When Zachary was born I had trouble breastfeeding him. The doctor had told me to pump the breast milk and bottle feed him. I have used a few different brands and styles of breast pumps. One of the problems I had was while you are pumping you had to lean forward or the milk would run down the front of you. After after giving birth and having severe back labor pain leaning forward was not ideal for me. Continue reading →

Tis The Season For Kissable Lips With Chapstick #StockingStuffers #HolidayGiftGuide #Chapstick

chaLooking for stocking stuffers? I like to get stocking stuffers that are going to be used. Why spend money on little things that are going to collect dust or be thrown in the garbage? Chapstick has great new flavors for the season. Get kissable soft lips with Chapstick and get ready for that romantic kiss under the mistletoe. Continue reading →