My son loves R/C cars. He has a gas powered one and several battery powered cars. His new favorite car is the Turbo Panther. This car has a working suspension which is great getting up rocks and a hilly terrain like we have here. It also has the ability to reach top speeds of 15kn per hour. which allows him to be able to race with friends. Continue reading →

Playmobil for toddlers

plm5I am always on the look out for New toys for the kids. Armando is 1 and it is hard finding toys that are little to help him grasp toys and help with his fine motor skills. Do you know Playmobil? My husband and son both have played with them when they were little. Now Playmobil has playlets for age 1 1/2 and up. They have chunky pieces making it safe for the younger children. The puzzle pieces, turtle and mountain can be fitted into the latches provided on the base. 1.2.3. Pirate Island has puzzle pieces that are printed on both sides with different pictures:Triangular shape: Sea urchin/crabKidney-shaped puzzle piece: Snail/starfishOval shape: Barrel/opened barrel with gold.plm Continue reading →

First golf set

gs1My son loves to do what daddy does. It is always so cute seeing him try to dress like daddy, want to mow the lawn or play golf like daddy. With American Plastic Toys your little one can be like daddy with their own size golf set made from plastic. Perfect for budding golf professionals, kids can now create their own putting green right in the backyard with the Junior Pro Golf Set. Continue reading →

Cutie Stix Cut And Create Station

cutieCut it, create it and show it.The Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station is the all-in-one activity empowering you to design a variety of visual goodies… your way!You can craft customizable bracelets, necklaces, nail art, fun animal figures and more with colorful, two-sided beads that you cut. And the Cut & Create station makes it so easy and fun to express yourself. Simply choose your Cutie Stix design, cut it and core out the center to make and show off your fashion-forward creations. With continuous cuts, the design combinations are endless! Continue reading →

Blaster water fun for the whole family

blasterWith the warm weather here and the kids all around the house I try to get them outside to play.  How about giving them water blasters. not only will it keep them occupied but, it will cool them off and not need to find darts. What Prime Time Toys has done for the dart blaster with Dart Zone®, they are about to do for the water blaster.  Continue reading →

IncrediBuilds #HolidayGiftGuide

butterflyDo you enjoy building? My son and I enjoy building things together. Recently I had gone to a toy showcase and I had seen the Incredi Builds. They caught my eye when I had noticed the butterfly. Butterflies are my favorite. I also had noticed had noticed the Harry Potter collection. These 3D models are laser cut wood pieces. There are many different designs to choose from. They have Zootopia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Finding Dory, Marvel Shark, Owl and so many more. Continue reading →