The Super Spinner from Play Monster

zaccUnfortunately the cold weather has hit us already. I can nor wait until the winter is over and the warm weather comes back. Getting the children out of the house and away from the electronics. Outside play is a very important part in your children development. I know I feel a lot better when I have been out of the house and enjoying the fresh air. Especially when I am having fun and not working. Continue reading →

PlayMonster Marbleocity Triple Play Archimedes Screw

playmon2My son loves playing games. He also loves building things. The new Marbelocity Triple Play Archimedes Screw game is perfect for him. You can watch as your marble runs up and down the Archimedes screw. After you build your working model. You use the hand crank to send the marbles twirling up and down the set. This set introduces children with engineering principals and physics concepts. Includes a tinkineer graphic novel with assembly instructions. Continue reading →

Yeti, Set, Go! Meatball kicking Yeti game for the whole family from Play Monster!


My son loved Yeti in my spaghetti. Play Monster has come out with Yeti, Set, Go. It is a 2-4 player game. recommended for age 4 and up. The object of the game is to have your yeti kick the meatballs up the mountain. It is up to you to bop the yeti on the head as you aim him to start kicking the meatballs, trying to get them onto the mountain ledges. The first player to get all four on wins. Continue reading →

AntsyPants Limitless Play #Holiday Gift Guide

ants9My nephew Armando is with me everyday during the week. Trying to find toys that keep him entertained and allow him to use his imagination is what I look for for him at my house. Antsy Pants has all different playlets that inspire creativity with the ability to build anything from a pirate ship that lets you sail the seven seas, to a castle that protects you from invading dragons, each kit encourages imaginative and limitless play.  Continue reading →

Cry Babies Dolls do actually cry real tears


My niece is obsessed with dolls. She loves to play house and she is the mommy. She takes care of her babies. She feeds them, and even changes their diapers. It is fun watching her play with dolls like me and my sisters and friends did when we were little. When I had told her I was getting this New Cry babies doll for her she was so excited. This doll is unlike any other dolls she has had before. This doll actually cries real tears. Continue reading →

Halloween with Megalopolis

megaHalloween is right around the corner. This is one of my favorite Holidays. Megalopolis has everything you need to make this Holiday even more creepy this time of year. They have Horror movie figures to The Incredibles. Megalopolis has a wide range of Halloween themed figures and toys to choose from. This huge Toy Overlord has so many different toys that you can choose from depending on what your specific likes are of Halloween collectibles.mega4 Continue reading →



My son loves R/C cars. He has a gas powered one and several battery powered cars. His new favorite car is the Turbo Panther. This car has a working suspension which is great getting up rocks and a hilly terrain like we have here. It also has the ability to reach top speeds of 15kn per hour. which allows him to be able to race with friends. Continue reading →

Playmobil for toddlers

plm5I am always on the look out for New toys for the kids. Armando is 1 and it is hard finding toys that are little to help him grasp toys and help with his fine motor skills. Do you know Playmobil? My husband and son both have played with them when they were little. Now Playmobil has playlets for age 1 1/2 and up. They have chunky pieces making it safe for the younger children. The puzzle pieces, turtle and mountain can be fitted into the latches provided on the base. 1.2.3. Pirate Island has puzzle pieces that are printed on both sides with different pictures:Triangular shape: Sea urchin/crabKidney-shaped puzzle piece: Snail/starfishOval shape: Barrel/opened barrel with gold.plm Continue reading →