Detailing Your Car

Everyone loves a clean car. Keeping the interior of your vehicle in good shape is just as important as keeping the exterior looking good. When it comes to trading in your car, the better condition it is, the more you will get for it. If you are not sure of where to go to get your vehicle detailed just ask your local dealership. They will either off those services themselves, or can recommend a place to go.  Continue reading →

BoCandy Monthly Subscription

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I am a sweets eater. My son and husband also love candy. My son loves the sugar sweets and my husband loves chocolate. All 3 of us like different kinds. That’s why when I heard about Bo Candy I was exited to try new candies. Bo Candy is a monthly subscription box that brings you goodies from all over the world for you to try. They have two different box sizes. Half size and full size. The half box has about 3 to 4 different types of samples to try. The full box has 6 to 9 samples. Each month. I love trying new candy is especially from different countries and cultures that you would not ordinarily buy.

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List of Ways to Keep Driving Safe

Preventing Car Accidents With FIAT Car Service

No matter how perfect and experienced a driver you are, car accidents can and do happen, may be not because of your mistake, but other drivers’ mistakes on the roads. All you can do is to stay alert, and take measures that can be helpful in preventing car accidents. Use these tips:

· When you drive at higher speeds, you have minimum time to react, in case something or someone comes in your way. So, try to drive your car within the prescribed speed limits.


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Don’t Call Me Maam Review And Giveaway # Monthly Subscription


Don’t call me ma’am is a monthly subscription for your skin. There are three different packages you can choose from. The first package is the beauty which contains wash it away cleanse, in balance, toner, face love moisturizer or face love sensitive and goodnight cream. The second package is wisdom washit away cleanser, in balance toner, face love moisturizer , the perfector and the eye look great. The third package is the experience  which includes the wash it away cleanser, in balance toner, face love moisturizer, 2 serums, all lit up, gimme more c splash, the projector and eye look great.

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