Prenatal Practices: Exercising

While being pregnant can be a big pressure on us emotionally, financially, and, of course, physically, we can often feel like not doing anything, least of all exercise! But the fact of the matter is, that while we have heard plenty about eating the right things and making sure we are taking it easy, there are exercises that we can take part in that are low-impact and can help with many of the common pregnancy issues. The benefits of activity during pregnancy can prevent aches and pains, constipation, and even exhaustion, as well as prepare you for the event of childbirth itself. Here are some exercises to think about. Continue reading →

Are There Holes In Your Insurance Safety Net?


Insurance and product warranties are meant to be there to protect us. They’re as much about peace of mind as they are the financial benefits; the feeling that, should the worst happen, we’re going to be able to cope with it. No one wants to deal with a rough period emotionally and then have it compounded by a lack of finances impacting the decisions and choices we can make. Continue reading →

Keeping Kids Clothes in Good Condition

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Chances are you have more fun choosing the clothes for your children’s wardrobes than you do your own. It’s great being able to dress them when they’re young, although it can be frustrating when clothes get ruined or don’t last as long as they should. However there are some things you can do to prolong their ere are some of the ways you can keep children’s clothes in good condition. Continue reading →

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

This year seems to be flying by as we are already in the second month of the year and Christmas still feels like it was yesterday. But the days are long and the years are definitely short which is why already we are thinking about the up and coming Valentine’s day. The one day a year where you can really make extravagant gestures of love to your partner, your soulmate and best friend. Although of course, we shouldn’t need a date to show someone we care, it’s always nice to be reminded by someone of how much they love us or indeed tell someone ourselves. Which got me thinking about some of the gifts you usually receive. Chocolates, flowers and things like that are all lovely, but I wondered about whether there were some other options we could all consider. So with that in mind, here are some unique gift ideas that are a little different. I hope it offers you some inspiration or leverage to hint to your other half. Continue reading →

Considering Vacation Choices? Why Not Take Your Children Camping?

Are you planning to take your children on vacation in the new year? Now is the perfect time to start making plans. When considering a vacation, why not choose one with a difference? Hotel holidays on the beach have their benefits, but they don’t offer much variety. Camping, however, is an entirely different ball game. Why not give your children a vacation to remember by booking a camping vacation next? If you’re new to camping, there are some things you’re going to need to consider. Unlike booking a hotel, a camping holiday needs a little preparation. Continue reading →

How to Get Your Car Ready During Winter By Holden Dodge


The cold winter months are coming soon which means the days get shorter and night comes faster. With winter also come snow, storms and rain which are all hazardous to driving. It is imperative to ensure that your car is in excellent condition before the temperature drops lower. Preparing properly and keeping your car in good shape can prevent accidents and save you from being stranded in the cold weather. Continue reading →