Triangulated Mirror that helps you see every angle

kissmyWhen I was younger I wore makeup everyday but, as I got older it has gotten harder to see what I am doing when applying it. So there are days that I do not wear makeup. I have tried using different mirrors to put my “face” on but, I just can’t seem to get the finish and blends that I want. Until recently when I got the Kiss My Lash Mirror by GoodJanes. It is a triangulated mirror that helps you see everything on your face from different angles. I even had seen a dark hair growing on my neck that I hadn’t seen with my other mirrors. Continue reading →

The Fizz One Touch #SodaStream #HolidayGiftGuide

sodaIn my family we are huge juice and sparkling water drinkers. I  do not like buying soda as it either goes to quickly or goes flat. Especially during the Holidays when you try to accommodate everyone and end up buying their favorite brand and flavor. I end up throwing it away right after the Holidays. Soda Stream has come out with a new unit called The Fizzi One Touch. This is not just an ordinary unit it is electric. No pumping needed. Simply press one of three buttons to select how much fizz you want. Continue reading →

How to Know it is Time for an Oil Change




How to Know it is Time for an Oil Change Tips From Roberts Subaru.

It is necessary to regularly check your oil levels in order to keep your car running smoothly. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine as well as cleaning, cooling and protecting these parts preventing your engine from seizing up. However, engine oil needs changing regularly as its lubricating properties do not last forever. Continue reading →

What is in our order for September?



chew4As of right now we have Harley. She is our puppy and she is going to be three years old. We always need stuff for the animals. The fish not only need food, we need to keep up on the filter items to keep it working properly.  They also need food, treats, toys, and bedding. I have been using for all those needs. I can order from my computer and it arrives at my front door. The prices are great. Continue reading →

Keeping Your Canine Companion in Good Health

puppyPhoto Source


It is estimated that around 48% of households have a dog, and for good reason! These beautiful creatures are loyal, offer unconditional love, and benefit your life in a whole host of other ways besides offering emotional support. They encourage you to get out and about, as they require daily exercise; they boost your immune system; and for hundreds of disabled individuals, they make seemingly impossible day to day tasks feasible. They really do become part of the family! However, it’s important to remember that dogs aren’t only there to benefit us. When we take on a pooch, we take on a whole lot of responsibility, as they become entirely dependent on us. It becomes our role to ensure that they are happy, health, and well looked after at all times. So, whether a pup already forms a part of your family unit, or whether you’re planning on taking one on, here’s everything you need to (or are going to need to) know in order to provide them with the best quality of life possible. Continue reading →

Family Time: Looking After Loved Ones For Your Own Wellbeing

Watching your loved ones get older can be a challenge; they may not be able to do the things they used to, which will impact their lifestyle and everyday activities. Imagine how much more difficult it is to be the senior person going through the aging process. Many of the elderly will tell you how they still feel young at heart and it’s frustrating that their body doesn’t seem to want to keep up with the abilities of their mind. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing all you can to encourage and help your senior loved ones to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Your parents and grandparents have raised you and cared for you, so maybe it’s the right time to do the same in return. Continue reading →

Bluetooth Masterlock

masterRecently we had put a pool up in our backyard. We have the gated ladder for the pool and needed to get a lock for it. We wanted to get a nice strong lock that is reliable, easy to use but be very hard for someone to open that you do not want to have access to the pool. We came across the new bluetooth Master lock. You simply download and app. Since the lock to the app and you use your phone, or iPad to open and close the lock. I love this lock. When you are trying to get into the pool and it is darker out it is hard to see combos or having to carry a key gets old quick. Then you have to remember where you put it and have to have it with you always. Continue reading →