Looking for a good power washer?

ka3With Father’s Day just around the corner I have been looking for great affordable gifts. I had recently wanted to get a pressure washer as the decks get grimy, the house, the car and even the dogs cage. You can wash them all by hand but, a pressure washer can get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer 1700 PSI TruPressure, 1.2 GPM.  Continue reading →

Wonder Crew Doll

wc1when my son was little he wanted a doll. There were not many choices to get him a boy doll. I had to get him a newborn doll without hair and dress it in boy baby clothes.  Yes, I also did get him a stroller so he can push his doll around. Now you can get a Wonder Crew doll. There is Will and Marco. I had decide to go with Marco that is dark hair like my nephew. He is going to have so much fun with his new crewmate. Continue reading →

Awaken your senses with Spring in a bottle

sos1Now that spring is almost here. I know that my skin is very dry from the cold weather. Softsoap’s new body washes are here to help re hydrate that winter skin. With new scents Honey Creme Lavender is a very soft soothing fragrance of cool lavender mixed lightly with honey. Lavander has always calmed me down and helped me get some rest. Blooming Jasmine and Plum is a burst of fruit  with lots of plum and just enough floral to smell like Spring in a bottle. Both of these body washes add moisture back into your skin. Leaving you soft and healthy glow after a shower. Want a to tale a nice bath after a long hard day. Simply add a little of the Honey creme lavender to your bath water. It is so relaxing and fresh. Continue reading →

Common Mistakes For New Parents To Avoid

There is nothing more daunting than being a new parent. With an endless list of new challenges to face, it is inevitable that you will make some mistakes. When you do, you’ll feel awful, but it happens to everybody. There’s no need to worry about doing things wrong occasionally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get things right, though. Most new parents tend to make the same mistakes. Knowing what they are beforehand can help you to avoid them and be a better parent. Before your little one arrives, make sure that you are aware of these common slip-ups and how to avoid making them yourself.



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Wrap Up The Kids’ Parties With These Simple Tips

Party time can be chaotic and full of excitement. Or it could be organized, well-planned, and a pleasure to undertake. Not every parent wants to manage their children’s parties. It’s not surprising when you consider just how energetic a room full of kids can get! Whether you want to DIY the event or hand them over to a professional, here are some of the best ways to keep it simple yet fun:

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DVR 794 action camera takes incredible pictures #Vivitar

vvSince I had gotten my husband a high cost action cam this Last Holiday I wanted one of my own. I just don’t like the price. I go a lot of places I need to take pictures and I love what these new cameras can do but, do not want to spend that price. I recently had gotten the Vivitar DVR 794 action camera, which is one of several affordably priced action cams from Vivitar.   It takes both video and still pictures- up to 14MP and 1080 HD video. It comes with a waterproof case, bike mount, helmet mount, charging cable and wristband remote.

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Become A Better Parent Today

All of us want to do the best job possible when it comes to looking after our children. We are from a generation where parenting techniques were much different to how they are today. So, it makes sense that we need to educate ourselves and increase our knowledge. If we do that, it’s possible to grow balanced and healthy children who will succeed in life. Instead of telling you how to be a fantastic mom, I’m going to take a different approach. Today, I’m going to describe the strategies you can use to discover the best information yourself. You can then sort the wheat from the chaff and work out which methods will work for your children.



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Great Treats For Harley

chewyOnce again Chewy.com order has come. This month we had chosen the Merrick Real Salmon Jerky and Greenies Freshmint bones. I am sure you have heard about Chewy.com from me before but, if you are new let me tell you about them. They have such a great variety of products for your animals. It is easy to order from and they offer free shipping. These products you can shop from your home and have them shipped right to your front door. They have the same products that you can get at your local pet store at better prices and shipped right to your front door.  Continue reading →