Great new challenge for your pet #Bullibone

bullyMy pup Harley just turned one in April. She is very friendly but is very hyper. She needs toys, chews and bones to keep her occupied. I have seen  the Bullibone brand in stores. Recently I had gotten the New Treat trap by Bullibone. It is the ultimate treat toy. The treat trap is bacon flavored. This trap is made for you to puta treat in it and to challenge your dog to get the treat out. At first start with an easy treat to get out. Then after your puppy figures it out you can change to treats that are different shapes and sizes making it more of a challenge to get out. You can also freeze the treats inside the trap to give your dog an even harder challenge. Continue reading →

Find everything you need for your dog and hampster at

chewIn my house we have a dog, a hamster and fish. We always need stuff for the animals. The fish not only need food, we need to keep up on the filter items to keep it working properly. Harley is my puppy and Jelly is our hamster. They also need food, treats, toys, and bedding. I have been using for all those needs. I can order from my computer and it arrives at my front door. The prices are great. Continue reading →

When it comes to your pet make sure you have a nice balanced meal

nab1When it comes to Harley I try to give her a balanced meal. I can tell when I was just giving her kibbles she was still looking for more food. I had decided to add Natural Balance Dog Food Roll Beef formula added to her kibbles as a topper. She tends to take her time eating compared to when it is just kibbles. I giver her 1 cup of food and topper in the morning and one at night. The dog food roll helps keep her diet balanced. It is accented with sweet potatoes and carrots. Another great item from Continue reading →

Want piece of mind when you are home or not?

ezI have and alarm system on my house. I also have cameras on the outside but, I never had thought to put them inside my home. I can’t tell you how safe I feel with having the security on my house. I had someone try to break in once and it really effects you. Even though they did not get in it still upsets you. I had recently had the chance to work with EZVIZ. They  are a  consumer and residential-focused subsidiary of Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. EZVIZ builds upon Hikvision’s expertise and knowledge to bring robust, commercial-quality video products to consumers and the smart-home market. At EZVIZ, we are about creating ways that connect you visually to your life. No matter where you are, EZVIZ cloud services and smart home video technology can help you feel like you’re home—right from the palm of your hand. Continue reading →

Helping your dog relieve anxiety

calmz1If you have a pet you probably can tell when they are stressed and acting different. My Coco had sever anxiety when I would leave the house. She would pull her own hair out as a result of her anxiety.  When I was home or when the doctor put a cone on her to see if it would get better. It did get better but as soon as the cone was off she started pulling her own hair out again. Now, I have Harley she is a very excitable dog but, she also has anxiety. I think most dogs have anxiety just over different thing like separation, storms, loud noises, other dogs, strangers, travels and even vet visits. Continue reading →

The Breathe Right® Fetch Ball

ball1My pup Harley is an aggressive chewer. She end sup tearing up any toy in the matter of seconds. Chuck it! makes a breathe right fetch ball. She can fit the ball in her mouth but it is open and allows air flow to help facilitate breathing and airflow into the dog’s lungs as she is running and fetching. She has had this toy for a couple of days and she has not chewed through it. I know she can but, she seems to like it too much to tear it up. The ball is easy to throw and have her catch. It is a soft rubber.

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Great Treats For Harley

chewyOnce again order has come. This month we had chosen the Merrick Real Salmon Jerky and Greenies Freshmint bones. I am sure you have heard about from me before but, if you are new let me tell you about them. They have such a great variety of products for your animals. It is easy to order from and they offer free shipping. These products you can shop from your home and have them shipped right to your front door. They have the same products that you can get at your local pet store at better prices and shipped right to your front door.  Continue reading →

Loving Pets Natural Value All Natural Soft Chew Duck Sticks for Dogs

cdMy Harley is going to puppy school. She is a very friendly pup but, is very happy, hyper and needs to be trained. When we go to class we need to bring treats with us that she loves and we do not give her unless we are training. That is when I give her Loving Pets Natural Value All Natural Soft Chew Stick. I do break them into smaller pieces so they are easier to chew. As when training you do not want the dog stopping to eat overtime she does listen to a command. These treats are: Continue reading →

Tylee’s Dog Food A change for the better

tlRecently I had posted about finding a new dog food for Harley.  First let me recap on everything about the Tylee’s food. It is made with human-grade ingredients just like you’d find at the grocery store—real, whole foods you can see and identify, with nothing sourced from China. These recipes are easy to serve—simply defrost and add to your pet’s bowl. Tylee’s can also be used as a topper to make any regular bowl of kibble more enticing. Minimally processed ingredients retain all their natural flavors and valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s best health. Grain-free food for dogs can better suit pups with sensitive tummies or allergies. Plus, there are no fillers like corn, soy, wheat or by-product meals. Chia seeds, ground flaxseed and sunflower oil are full of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish your pup’s skin and help his coat stay shiny and full. Continue reading →