Why Regular Car Maintenance Is Important?


Car servicing is extremely important, but we tend to procrastinate and put it on the back burner, till one of the components fail or the vehicle sustains some type of damage. You can avoid several problems if your car is serviced on a regular basis. Starrs Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep explains to you how you can benefit from car maintenance.

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3 Top Technologies That Make Savings On Your Bills

Most of us worry about those ever-increasing bills that challenge the limits of our wages every single month. No wonder more and more moms are seeking new ways to make money and innovative ways to save it too. Fortunately, technology is on our side. There are plenty of new ways to bring savings into your home. And some of them might even make you some money!

Here are 3 of the top technologies available to moms that will help you make those savings:

Renewable Energy

The technology for solar and wind energy has moved forward rapidly. And as the idea of solar energy has become more widely accepted, so has the uptake of home solar panels. You might already have some solar powered items dotted around your garden. Security lights, water features, and other decorative garden ornaments can all be powered by a small solar panel. These might be staked into your lawn, or mounted on the wall. Battery-free and completely mobile.


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Alternatives To Uprooting Your Family When Your Partner Gets New Job

It can be challenging in the current job market to find a new position. In fact, people who lose or decide to change a job can often be on the hunt for ages. But as you know, it’s so important for at least one of you to work to ensure you can pay for the house and bills. Therefore, your partner might have to end up going for a role to ensure money is coming in that doesn’t actually tick all their requirements. It might mean they have to do something they aren’t thrilled about such as working long hours or even having to go to a location which isn’t close to home. In some cases, you might have to move to enable your partner to get to work easily. However, uprooting your family can cause a ton of problems. After all, your kid might be comfortable in their current abode, so might end up playing up if you have to move. And taking kids out of school when they are settled can cause disruption to their life. In fact, your youngsters might start slipping grades if they have to move schools. However, if you want to avoid this occurring, there are some things you can do. In fact, here are some alternatives to uprooting your family when your partner gets a new job in a new location.



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It is S’mores Time!!

smoresIt is summer and this time of year my family and myself always get together. Wether we go to the beach, camping, or just sit around the backyard and bbq we always end up making s’mores. When making s’mores you need the stick, marshmallows, chocolate and of course the graham crackers. Continue reading →

Cooking made easier on the grill

bqMy husband has recently started a huge change in his diet. Or should I say he just all of his eating habits. He had recently purchased salmon in a bourbon marinade to cook on the grill. I have the perfect Grilling ceramic coated skillet from Mr. Bar-B-Q. It is the perfect size 20.6 in by 12 in. It has a handle that is removable so it does not get that hot. This skillet is made to tolerate high heat. It is very easy to clean. I like that you can cook anything you want on the grill and it is not sitting on the grill grates. I usually use tinfoil. This skillet makes life so much easier. The food tastes great. Continue reading →

Mr. Bar-B-Q Ceramic Coated Skillet

mrRecently my husband had found out that he has high cholesterol. He needs to start eating better. We love to grill but have never grilled fish before. We have the new  Mr. Bar-B-Q Ceramic Coated Skillet with TPR Handle is perfect for grilling seafood and vegetables. The scratch-resistant, non-stick surface keeps the skillet in great shape while making cleanup a breeze. It was very easy cooking the salmon. We were worried on trying to figure out how long to cook it. But, cooking it on the new skillet made it very easy.  Continue reading →

Hershey’s S’mores Caddy #Camping

herWe go camping and have bon fires a lot during the summer months. Having the new Hershey’s S’mores caddy helps keep everything we need in order. the Hershey’s S’mores Caddy! Easy to haul and convenient to store, this caddy includes a removable tray, and allows easy storage so you can add your favorite ingredients. My husband was so happy to have all of the s’mores products all in one easy container.  The container has an easy moveable tray and has enough room to carry everything you need. We also found the forks to go with it.

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Make Head Lice History

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When you are a parent, there are certain things that happen which are enough to send shivers down your spine. You don’t like to think of your children ever getting head lice, but it is something that is almost par for the course; these little bugs go almost hand in hand with childhood, and are synonymous with growing up. You’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn’t ever had head lice at some point in their life, and some university/college students are finding it to be an unwelcome invasion when they start their first year of higher education and start living with different people. So just how to we help with the prevention of these unwanted parasites and make sure that everybody’s head remains completely clear? Continue reading →