Valentine’s Day with Teleflora

telf2Spread the love to all your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a beautifulbouquet from Teleflora, the world’s leading floral delivery service. Today, Teleflora launched its brand-newcollection of romantic and cheerful floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating witha significant other, with your friends on Galentine’s Day, or by treating yourself to some self-love, a Teleflorabouquet – always made by hand and hand-delivered by a local florist – is the ultimate gifting experience thatwill make any Valentine feel special and cherished. Continue reading →

Avoiding Expensive Winter Car Repairs


thThere’s no denying that winter is the most dangerous time of year to drive. Between the snow, black ice, slush and other nasty stuff all over the roads, it is a wonder that more people don’t just fly off the roads each year. Dangerous conditions do mean a higher risk of accidents, and that in turn means a higher likelihood of an (expensive) visit to the dealership mechanics. Fear not, however, because Cuero Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has prepared some advice below on how to avoid this kind of scenario this winter.

Advice 1 — Reduce your speed, increase your safety Continue reading →

Tips for Improving Gas Mileage


How much a gallon of gas costs does depend on your location in the country, but it can be as high as $4,09 for a gallon (San Francisco) according to US News figures from November 2019. Wherever you are, gas is an essential commodity, but the costs can run away from you if you don’t pay attention to how much you’re using. One way to stretch the budget is to get more miles for your gallon in your own car. Over time, as you fill up less, you’ll notice the savings starting to pile up. So, how can you achieve this reduced gas-guzzling effect? Here are a few ways to improve gas mileage from Pearson Mazda. Continue reading →

Importance of Winter Car Washing


There’s no season quite so dirty and ire-inducing for drivers than winter. Temperatures are low, ice and slush litter the roads, and with it all comes a seemingly whole new host of dirt and contaminants just ready and waiting to foul up your newly cleaned car. Depending on exactly where a driver lives, they may or may not find themselves visiting the car wash more frequently during the colder months, while others decide that “it’s too cold out, it can wait.” Today, we’re sharing with you our top reasons from Century Ford of Mount Airy  to shake off this notion, and realize why washing your car in winter is more important than any time of year.

Reason 1 — Buildup of dirt and contaminants on the undercarriage Continue reading →

Buying a New Car – Essential Tips


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It’s a new year and you’ve decided to treat you and possibly your family to a brand-new car. It’s understandable. What’s more, with the auto market so rich and resplendent with your choice of brands, models and trims galore, it’s certainly something of a retail playground out there; a buyer’s market. That being said, the mountains of choice also mean it can be harder for some to make a final decision on the car they want. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this handy guide from Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep to help you out! 

1 Buyer Tip #1 — Research Widely, Shortlist Narrowly

At the very beginning of your search, you should be open minded and check out as many options as you can. You may surprise yourself by what you like. Ultimately, however, you should winnow your choices down to a handful of no more than five choices.

2. Buyer Tip #2 — Work with Reputable Dealerships Continue reading →

5 Common Fire Hazards And How To Protect Yourself

Did you know that three quarters of all home fires come from simple common hazards? Knowing what these types of hazards and how to prevent them can help you and your family stay safe this holiday season and protect your loved ones. Below are a few fire hazards that can occur, especially during this busy time of year and ways to help be aware of looking for them during your travel or holiday parties. 

1. Cooking- Cooking leads to more house fires than any other source. This includes items like using cooking oil, an air fryer or microwave. By far though, the biggest and simplest way to start a fire is by walking away from cooking on the stove. While it may seem like you’ll be gone for a few seconds, this usually when something problematic happens when we turn our back. Be sure that all your heating elements are turned off after cooking and keep your eye on the stove top at all times. If you have young kids that need your attention, keep them close to you by far away so they aren’t touching the stove. 

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Car Maintenance Checklist


When it comes to serious car maintenance and repair, it’s obvious that we should enlist the help of a trained professional mechanic. That’s automotive studies 101. We can, though, all be aware of some basic things that we should keep our eyes on so as to keep all maintenance on schedule. With the knowledge below, you’ll have a basic checklist from Big Spring Cars of items that with your careful attention, will help ensure that you visit the mechanic only when you really need to, and at times that will ensure your car keeps running smoothly. Continue reading →

Teen Driving Tips



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For parents, there’s nothing quite so unnerving as the idea of their teenage son or daughter getting involved in some kind of unfortunate road accident. It’s hard to let them go out into the world, driving their own car and facing the dangers out there, but it’s also inevitable and we therefore need to find ways to help them stay safe. Below is our handy guide from Fullerton Maserati to safer teen driving, which we hope parents and their children alike will follow and share. Continue reading →

Clean Car Tips


It seems that wherever we live, we are engaged in an eternal battle between our car and the forces of dirt, dust and grime. Cleaning the car outside and in can be such an enormous chore, and we are sometimes so busy that even stopping by the carwash seems to be too much to pack into our day. In these circumstances, what we need are some handy tips from Fullerton Alfa Romeo to help us keep the car cleaner for longer that will, hopefully, make our lives easier.

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The New 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 AWD 4Matic®


Mercedes-Benz. Stood alone, these words need no introduction. It stands for quality, craftsmanship, style, luxury, performance and reliability all wrapped into one beautiful machine. The company’s range of cars has always been quite impressive, but it’s when you turn to their range of luxury SUVs that you see some of the most unique and stylish designs on the market today. Below are a few things you want to know from Mercedes Benz of Charlottesville. we’ll talk about one of the best in the range — the GLC 300 4Matic® SUV.

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