;The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music Available on DVD

The Swan Princess :Kingdom of Music on DVD Available Now


Princess Odette is hosting a music competition to celebrate Princess Alise’s birthday – the winner will sing at her grand birthday ball! Prince Li of Cathay has entered, but his sister Princess Mei Li has stowed away on his ship to seek help from Odette and Derek for Chen, who has been cursed to live as a dragon. Continue reading →

A Star Is Born DVD

radBradley Cooper makes an impressive directorial debut with the fourth iteration of the classic tale Hollywood is obsessed with, and while the plot starts to drag in the second act, Cooper manages to bring it all back together in a moving third act that sneaks up on you, grabs your soul, and hugs it. Continue reading →

DAPHNE & VELMA MOVIE Review and Giveaway

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daphne and velmaEvery Friday is movie night. This Friday it was my turn to pick the movie. I was so excited to watch this movie. I was so excited because Daphne and Velma remind me so much of my childhood. The cartoons I would watch and had so many good times. I really enjoyed the movie. My husband and son also enjoyed it. It is not just a girlie movie. My son watched the full movie. He didn’t lose interest. Continue reading →

Nut Job 2 DVD

nut jobAnother great movie. Not only did my son love but, my husband and I also liked. We love watching movies together.

The movie Nut Job 2 : Surly is now loved by Liberty Park’s Urban wildlife community and currently overseeing an all-you-can-eat buffet at Maury’s Nut Shop. This worries Andie, as she prefers a more hard-working outlook on life. Despite Surly’s reassurances all is well, Maury’s Nut Shop is accidentally blown up by Mole when he forgets to cut down pressure from the boiler. Andie takes the opportunity to try and get the animals back to their roots by foraging for food in Liberty Park while Surly and Buddy try to find other food-packed places, but fail each time. Defeated, he and Buddy decide to return to the park. Continue reading →

Elena Of Avalor Celebrations to Remember

elenaThe new Disney DVD, “Elena of Avalor: Celebrations to Remember” includes six episodes of this colorful and musical series. The episodes focus on festivals that are suitable for this time of year. In “A Day to Remember” everyone celebrates the lives of their deceased family members. This is especially difficult for Elena’s younger sister Isabel who misses her parents and is depressed about their passing. But it’s Elena who inspires her to remember the good times and keep their memories alive within herself. Elena discovers she has a special power to see ghosts on this day. So, she ends up helping a ghost connect to her family and yes, she even sees her own parents, who look at her with pride. Even though this is the day of the dead, this Halloween in Avalor is filled with hope for the future. Continue reading →

Disney Junior Vampirina DVD Meet The New Girl On The Block

vamp1My son loves Disney Junior. He is 11 and still watches Disney. My husband even likes Disney movies sill. We decided to watch the new Vampirina together. It had just come out on DVD. Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with the family-friendly all-new  DVD with the release of Vampirina! Vampirina, also known as Vee to her friends, is the new girl in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. She is going to be super busy making new friends, music videos, having adventures, and throwing spectacular sleep overs! Continue reading →