The Tile Style helping you keep track while staying in style

tileI am always losing things. I like to say I misplace them. We have always joked about if it is not attached to me I will eventually lose it. Well, not any more. The Tile Style is the perfect way to find all my things while also being in style. This little life saver has helped me out so much since I received it. I lose my keys all the time. I even had lost the remote that starts my car. I still haven’t found it so, I had to buy a new on that cost me over $180.00. A very expensive lose. Now if I had the Tiel attached to it I would be able to  find it within 200 feet.

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Cross’s Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet

coI love my sweets. My favorite is cookies and cakes. Just in time for Mother’s Day I had received a Mother’s Day Butterfly and Flowers cookie bouquet from Corso’s Cookies. This bouquet can make Mother’s Day extra special with this delicious arrangement of decorated shortbread cookies. These butterfly and flower cookies are the perfect gift for every mother in your life and will be sure to make her smile. Each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Each extra large shortbread cookie measures 4-5″ across and weighs nearly a quarter pound a piece. Choose from a 6 cookie arrangement for $49.99 or upgrade to a 9 cookie arrangement for only $10 more and receive 50% more cookies.  Continue reading →

Posh and SparkleConfetti Push Pop #Celebration#Valentine’sDay


Having a party or celebration? Looking for cute ideas? I have recently come across Posh And Sparkle. They have Confetti push pops. You can either choose from their huge variety of colors and celebrations or custom make your own. Continue reading →

Teleflora Boquets and Concierge Service $100 Gift Card Giveaway #Valentine’sDay

imageWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner we are looking for gifts for our loved ones to show them how much we care. I have ordered flowers from a lot of different places and Teleflora is one of the best. Not only do they have beautiful arranged flower assortments for different prices they also Have a free “Love Note Concierge” which debuts on February 3, 2016 to the 12th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading →

Finding The Perfect Gift For Your Mother



Gift giving is rewarding but stressful. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of lighting up the faces of your loved ones. Conversely, the thought of getting something they won’t really like can cause a massive headache.

The feeling is heightened when it comes to our mothers. After all, she is the woman that brought you into this world. You would quite literally be nothing without her. Additionally, she also provided the perfect birthdays and Christmases for the family. Making her day extra special is imperative.

Sourcing the perfect gift for your mother doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The most important aspect is to give from your heart. Price isn’t that important. It’s the thought that counts in these situations. Trust us, that’s certainly how she feels about it.

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Jessica McClintock and DKNY Morocann Perfume Giveaway #


I love perfume and I have wide collection. That being said, I have purchased lot of perfume which may expensive. That’s why when I had the chance to work with I was pleased.

I think you years ago I was Christmas gifts for my family. My mother-in-law uses Jessica McClintock. So I was on a search to get a deal. I usually purchase perfume a big name stores. This particular set is $80. Which includes a 3.4 ounce ED perfume and a 5 ounce bottle of lotion for only $36.99 and you can use a coupon for 25% off bringing your total price to $27.74 that’s a great savings.

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Jackpot Candle Review and Giveaway


When Holidays come or Birthdays, it is always hard finding a gift. Out of everyone I know there are few people who do not like candles. Especially ones that not only Samuel great but also have a jackpot in every candle. By having a jackpot I mean they include earrings, a necklace or a ring.  These amazing scented candles are 100%soy hand poured in the USA. You select which jewelry item will be in the candle. Each piece of jewelry is valued to be between $5 and $5000.

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Mooncat Scarve # 20% off Couponcode


Mooncat has a wide variety of scarves and gloves. I had the chance to review their A black diamond pattern chunky knit scarf with fringes. Super wearable and super trendy with its chunky knit, you will love adopting this cable knit thick scarf. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket to add a more casual feel to your style. Plus, its black color is a timeless elegant color.

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