Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tender Beef Recipe Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

chewy556 chewy543My Harley loves her treats. Every month we get to order from By now I hope everyone has heard about If not you really are missing out. is one of the best services I have been using. The order comes right to your door and shipping is quick. My Harley loves when the box comes. She can sniff it out. Lol!  Continue reading →

HoMedics® “Thumbs up”™ Cordless 3D Kneading Massager

homedics1As I am getting older my muscles ache and get are stiff much more then ever before. I have used heat pads and sprays but that just doesn’t help loosen up the stiffness and kinks in my neck. The HoMedics® “Thumbs up”™ Cordless 3D Kneading Massager with Soothing Heat kneads deep to relax and loosen the tightest muscles. Featuring new True Touch massage technology, your massage will feel like the hands of a real masseur. A rechargeable battery and adjustable comfort flex handles makes use of total convenience and portability. A soothing heat option comforts tired muscles. High, medium or low speeds give you control of massage intensity, while the reverse feature changes the massage direction. Continue reading →

The Scepter The SmartControl® Fuel Container

fuel3Recently my husband was at work when we had a snow storm. He left work at 2:45pm. He didn’t get home until 12:15am. Our power went out. I was able to hook up our portable generator but, I could not fill it with gas. Our fuel container was impossible for me to get to open. It was a spill proof container. Yes, that is because you couldn’t even get it to open. And when you did the gas spilled all over the place. Continue reading →

Tile Mate Helps you find anything

tileI am always losing things. I like to say I misplace them. We have always joked about if it is not attached to me I will eventually lose it. Well, not any more. The Tile Mate is the perfect way to find all my things while also being in style. This little life saver has helped me out so much since I received it. I lose my keys all the time. I even had lost the remote that starts my car. I still haven’t found it so, I had to buy a new on that cost me over $180.00. A very expensive lose. Now if I had the Tile attached to it I would be able to  find it within 200 feet.  I recently lost the elf on the shelf. If I had the tile attached to him I would have been able to find hum instead of traveling to 6 different stores trying to find the same exact one that was in stock.  Continue reading →

Teleflora $75 Giveaway

flowersTeleflora’s Halls of Holly Centerpiece

Surprise your favorite holiday hostess with a stunning centerpiece brimming with white ross, red carnations, chrysanthemums and fresh winter greens accented with red berries and natural pinecones. This two-in-one gift will be treasured for years to come as it is delivered in a lovely hand-painted oven-to-table, food- safe stoneware serving dish. Continue reading →

Perfect Gift From

gourmetEvery Holiday season I am looking for gift to give special people in my life. I do not want to get them clothes or gadgets or something I know they are not going to use. They are possibly going to throw away. So, I go with the gift I know they are going to love and enjoy cookies. I will send them The Bakery Gift Tower from Gourmet gift It is easy to order and delivery is very quick.gourmet1 Continue reading →