Odin Dog Puzzle

odin4My Harley eats really fast. I had taken her to a dog trainer and he told me to get the Odin for her to try. Keep your dog’s body and brain busy with the Odin Dog Puzzle Toy. Fill it with food or treats, and let your pup push it around to release. Its shape rolls and bounces unpredictably, promoting mental stimulation as well as slower eating. Inspired by art and geometric design, it’s good-looking, too, with no childish colors or noises. Continue reading →


I have to dogs. One is 16 years old and getting very old. The other is just a puppy. She is 4 months old and growing very quickly. Both dogs need different nutrients and smaller kibbles. Recently  I had heard about Evanger’s food for pets real people food for pets! The food is fresh local daily. Continue reading →

ware pets play.™


Family-owned for 25 years, we make innovative, fun products that enrich the lives of pets and their people, at a great value.

ware2We know animals can get bored, like the rest of us. Therefore we believe it is essential to provide exciting, new ways for our pets to explore and have fun every single day. Ware Pets Play has so many different pet care products from water containers, coop control, buildable beds and twist and go carriers. They have products for cats, dogs, birds, small animal, chicken and bee. ware3

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Drinkmate Carbonated drink maker

drinkmateDrinkmate encourages fizzy mixology (“carbonology,” they call it) and provides a variety of instructions on how much CO2 to pump into various types of drinks. This is going to be so yummy. Let me explain a little more about what drink mate is first. Drinkmate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows you to carbonate ANY BEVERAGE quickly and easily.  You can directly add tasty fizz to water, juices, iced tea or coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, and even flat soda or beer.  What will you sparkle next? Unleash your creativity in crafting healthy, delicious drinks.  Continue reading →

Flying Sushi Kitchen Game


If you have ever desired to be a sushi chef, now is your chance! In this exciting challenge, the sushi chef must put together full orders by plucking the flying sushi out of the air with Chopsticks and placing them on the sushi platter before the time runs out. The first player to make $25 worth of sushi orders wins! tips and all play cards add to the fun! Continue reading →

PlayMonster Marbleocity Triple Play Archimedes Screw

archimedesMy son loves playing games. He also loves building things. The new Marbelocity Triple Play Archimedes Screw game is perfect for him. You can watch as your marble runs up and down the Archimedes screw. After you build your working model. You use the hand crank to send the marbles twirling up and down the set. This set introduces children with engineering principals and physics concepts. Includes a tinkineer graphic novel with assembly instructions. Continue reading →

Funny Maker – Oddbods Neighborhood



My nephew is going to love the New Oddbods funny maker neighborhood. Whenever 2 Oddbods get together something happens and it is always fun and silly In the Oddbods neighborhood, you never know what might happen. Now you can join in the fun with all the Oddbods in their Neighborhood. Pogo is playing tricks. Fuse is showing off his cool monster truck and a creative way to load logs. Something is always happening and you can be a part of the fun. Continue reading →