L.O.L. Surprise Mini Tin Stocking Stuffers

lolL.O.L. Surprise! is all about bringing the element of surprise to every part of a girl’s life. these tots and their outrageous and spunky personalities are what makes L.o.l. Surprise! one of a kind. These mini tins are great for stocking stuffers. tin

No need to flip your lid, lol mini tins are here! Collect all 6 Tins and the accessories from your favorite club! Find them all and find out what surprises are inside! The tins include 1 charm, 1 wristlet, 2 magnet cards and a surprise! I wonder what your surprise is going to be.tin2Connect with Bulls i Toys


Poo Goo Unicorn Poop

poo3Slime has been the kids new favorite. They like collecting different colors, different textures and different smells. Bulls i toys has Poo Goo Unicorn Poop. It feels like liquid, plays like goo. Unicorns are magical and beautiful creatures, and so is their poop. Bottle it up with Poo Goo Unicorn Poo! Available in four color combinations, this slimy substance has a shimmery metallic look and a fun scent.

poo1The texture is kind of slippery, liquidy feel to it, but it’s thick like a gooey slime, so there’s a really interesting tactile feel to this. Kids who like unicorns and playing with slime will have fun squeezing, squishing, and playing around with this goo. Their new, magical creation is coming! Poo Goo! No, it’s not actually unicorn poop, but it’s what we imagine it could be! This glittery, gooey slime comes in 4 beautiful color combinations. The glitter won’t be all over your hands so can enjoy this slime anywhere you can imagine.poo

Poo Goo is recommended ages 5 and up, and will be fun for kids who like unicorns and playing with slime.

Antsy lab Fidget Cube


fidgetFrom Guardians of the Galaxy, is Rocket Raccoon as a stylized Fidget Cube. Fidget Cube: Rocket Raccoon is figure #002 in the Fidget Cube Collectibles series. Build your collection and display the entire Marvel Fidget Cube series!

An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.™

Fidget Cube™ has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with: Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin.™

The Fidget Cube is the size of a miniature cube and there are six total sides to the device. On ever face of the cube, you’ll notice a different activity that you can mindlessly perform to keep your hands preoccupied. Instead of fidgeting and moving around, you’ll be able to able to play with the device so that you can keep yourself busy in the best way possible – without needlessly moving around. Here are the different faces of the cube: Continue reading →

I’ll Be Home for Christmas Glass Ne’Qwa Art Ornament

qa1Every year I not only buy my son a new ornament I get one for me and for the adult family members that come to celebrate. Hallmark is a brand I usually go right to. The reasoning is each ornament is different and there are so many different styles for everyone on your list. This year the one that stands out for me is the I’ll Be Home for Christmas Glass Ne’Qwa Art Ornament. Continue reading →

Enso Creative Tools By Pilot #HolidayGiftGuide

pilotWith the Holidays here I like to get very creative not only with pictures but also when sending out Christmas cards. This year my son and I decided we are going to make our own Christmas cards. We really should get started as the Holidays are going to be here before we know it. When trying to decide what we were going to do for our cards  we decided to use Enso Creative Tools By Pilot. There are three different sets that we are going to use. The Pop’lol Gel Pen Coloring Set, The Creoroll Gel Pastels coloring Set and My favorite The Plumix Han Lettering Calligraphy Set Continue reading →

The Tile Style helping you keep track while staying in style

tileI am always losing things. I like to say I misplace them. We have always joked about if it is not attached to me I will eventually lose it. Well, not any more. The Tile Style is the perfect way to find all my things while also being in style. This little life saver has helped me out so much since I received it. I lose my keys all the time. I even had lost the remote that starts my car. I still haven’t found it so, I had to buy a new on that cost me over $180.00. A very expensive lose. Now if I had the Tiel attached to it I would be able to  find it within 200 feet.

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Get mom flowers this Mother’s Day from Teleflora #LoveOutLoud #Giveaway

flWhen it comes to being a mom, love conquers all. Every day moms wake up ready to take on challenges and are willing to do what it takes to fight uphill battles for their family with courage, strength and determination. Regardless of their background or status, moms pursue the same very special mission: to love their children unconditionally.Teleflora, the world’s leading floral delivery service, today unveiled its new Mother’s Day bouquet lineup and is honoring all sacrifices and fearless acts of love this Mother’s Day with the launch of the “Love Makes a Mom” campaign. Continue reading →

BaconFreak Mother’s Day Gift

baconMy family loves bacon. Recently I had the chance to review Bacon Freak. They sent me a package that includes: 2 packs of bacon, maple pancake mix, 100% real Bacon Bits, Vermont Dark Amber Maple Syrup, maple bacon coffee beans and bacon earrings all in a Full Color gift box. A $69.99 value. It is definitely worth it. While everyone else is getting Mom flowers, cards, and chocolates; you could be giving her this bundle of bacony good breakfast food. You know that your Mom loves bacon. After all, she did introduce you to the deliciously good meat candy. If it weren’t for her, your mornings would be bleak, tasteless, and filled with constant bowls of wheat cereal. So you should show your appreciation for her being the best Mom ever! Get her this gift bundle and promise to put on your cooking apron for her. Wait… You didn’t really expect her to cook all this stuff up for you, did you? C’mon! Make her the best bacon meal ever. We’re seriously helping you out, kid. Now both of you can enjoy bacon together. It’s the best Mother and Child bonding moment we can think of. Now don’t forget to wash your hands first. We know your Mama didn’t raise a fool.bacon freak

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Playmobil for toddlers

plm5I am always on the look out for New toys for the kids. Armando is 1 and it is hard finding toys that are little to help him grasp toys and help with his fine motor skills. Do you know Playmobil? My husband and son both have played with them when they were little. Now Playmobil has playlets for age 1 1/2 and up. They have chunky pieces making it safe for the younger children. The puzzle pieces, turtle and mountain can be fitted into the latches provided on the base. 1.2.3. Pirate Island has puzzle pieces that are printed on both sides with different pictures:Triangular shape: Sea urchin/crabKidney-shaped puzzle piece: Snail/starfishOval shape: Barrel/opened barrel with gold.plm Continue reading →