Superstar Portable Speaker $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway


Is your car bluetooth enabled or are you able to connect to your cell phone or iPod? Well, my car does not. I have a lot of music on my phone. The hardest part is not being able to take phone calls hands free. Not anymore! I had the chance to review the Superstar high powered portable wireless speaker and speakerphone by monster. The sound is unbelievably clear. This speaker is perfectly small to fit right into your pocket.

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Moto 360 Father’s Day Gift # Verizon Wireless

Looking for a gift for your father for Father’s Day or special person in your life. Recently I was able to review the moto 360 hands-on smart watch. This android smart watch is comfortable  with  its leather strap and smooth back.with this watch you get a solidness that some watches do not give you.The bezel around the screen is stainless steel you can get it in black or silver it’s nice and thin and so looking head on almost everything you could see you in the display. This watch fine-tunes The dimness of the light display so it does not blind you or bother you while you’re watching a movie or doing something in a dim area. Which that should help you save on battery too.

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Canary Home Security # Father’s Day Gift Guide # Verizon


With break ins on the rise I decided about a year ago to get an alarm put on my house. Recently I was given the chance to review the Canary smart home security for everyone.  I am not a very tech savvy person. I thought it was going to be hard to hook up.

First you download the canary app. The app is free. Simply plug the canary in a wall outlet and put where you want it. Then plug in the yellow chord from the canary into your phone to sing them. Once the phone and canary are synced you now can set the system up. The camera is HD with night vision and motion detector. A siren goes off when motion is detected. You can use wifi or a wired Ethernet cable. To hook up to your phone.

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3D Robotics Solo Drone #SoloatBestBuy @BestBuy@3DRobotics

All posts must include the following disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


Who doesn’t want a drone of their own? With a drone you can remotely navigate and carry your Go Pro through the air taking pictures and videos from different perspectives than ever before. Just in time for Father’s Day the 3D Robotics Solo Drone is available at Best Buy. Can you imagine all the fun and crazy photos and videos you can create and capture.

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The Go Pro The Best Father’s Day Gift # GoProAtBestBuy@GOPRO@BestBuy


All posts must include the following disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

My husband has been talking about getting a GoPro. He wants to be able to capture his adventures and be able to relive incredible moments on the spot with LCD display.

We take vacations with our family and this camera would be great to take pictures and not have to worry about the camera getting wet. With Best Buys launching of the Go Pro, we are going to be going there to look into purchasing one.
On a recent vacation we went whale watching and swimming with the sea lions. We would have been able to have taken pictures of all these great moments with put worrying about ruining the camera.
Best Buy is the destination for the latest cameras, camcorders including the new Go Pro Hero & LCD. The new camera arrives on stores just in time for Father’s Day.

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Booz Drop Alcohol Hard Candies


Did you ever have candy infused with alcohol? I have had chocolate but after time the liquid center will evaporate. You can’t carry around the chocolate in your pocket it will melt. Recently I had come across Booze Drops. They are hard candy with alcohol throughout the candy. You do not have to wait to get to the middle of the candies to taste the alcohol.

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Jessica McClintock and DKNY Morocann Perfume Giveaway #


I love perfume and I have wide collection. That being said, I have purchased lot of perfume which may expensive. That’s why when I had the chance to work with I was pleased.

I think you years ago I was Christmas gifts for my family. My mother-in-law uses Jessica McClintock. So I was on a search to get a deal. I usually purchase perfume a big name stores. This particular set is $80. Which includes a 3.4 ounce ED perfume and a 5 ounce bottle of lotion for only $36.99 and you can use a coupon for 25% off bringing your total price to $27.74 that’s a great savings.

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The Calphalon Classic SharpIN™ Forged 12-pc. Review and Giveaway Father’s Day

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When it comes to knives in my kitchen I am very picky. I need a good sharp knife. I have had all different brands and Calpahalon classic knife block with self sharpen technology is one of the best. When preparing food I can’t stand it when I can’t cut through the food without any problems. With Calphalon’s new knife block set with sharpeners helps keep the knives sharp. Every time you put a knife in or take it out you are sharpening a knife.
Sharp in is a cutlery set which features ceramic sharpeners built right in to all the straight edge knife slots. These in block sharpeners ensure that knives are effortlessly sharpened every time they are removed or replaced, or remember to sharpen before you start. With normal use, Calphalon SharpIN knives stay sharp for a lifetime.

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The HomeRight Steam Machine Review and Giveaway


The Homeright steam machine is a powerful steamer to clean tough and hard to reach areas. I was given the chance to do a review on the steamer. I was very happy to say yes. I have another brand steamer so I wanted to see what the differences are. The 129 volt steam machine has attachments needed to soften wallpaper for easy removal, or clean and sanitize those tough to clean areas like showers, ovens, stove tops, sinks, toilets, and barbecue grills.
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Yumms Grill mat # Yummsbbqmat


Yumms makes a great non-stick BBQ grill mat. They come in a set of two 15″ x 13″. I had to cut mine down. You can either use one or put two but cut them down to size leaving a space between the mats and the grill. You can easily cook vegetables, fish and meat more easily without hem sticking to the grill or falling through the grates. These mats let you enjoy non stick healthy grilling.

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