Mooncat Scarve # 20% off Couponcode


Mooncat has a wide variety of scarves and gloves. I had the chance to review their A black diamond pattern chunky knit scarf with fringes. Super wearable and super trendy with its chunky knit, you will love adopting this cable knit thick scarf. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket to add a more casual feel to your style. Plus, its black color is a timeless elegant color.

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Ruby Claire Boutique Giveaway

Are you ready for color? Every time I stepped out my door last week, I noticed little pops of color springing up all around me. I love winter style, because it’s bold and rich, but spring style is so cheery and colorful, so I love it just as well. I’m ready to wear my pinks, blues, mint, purples, and yellow, but I sort of have to ease into it. You see, I want it to be spring time, but I often have a hard time letting go of my winter wardrobe. Finding the right transition pieces to go from one season to another is pretty crucial, especially when it goes from 35 to 75 degrees in the span of one day (gotta love the South, right?). Along with being stylish, and seasonally appropriate, I need my clothing to be comfortable and mom-friendly. When I came across RubyClaire Boutique, I fell in love with their selection of chic boutique fashions! Continue reading Ondria’s RubyClaire Boutique review on Mommy’s Block Party.

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The Pink Monogram Pullover Rain Jacket Giveaway

The Pink Monogram Pullover Rain Jacket Giveaway

Hosted by Kelly’s Thoughts On Things 

Enter to Win a Pullover Rain Jacket from The Pink Monogram

My daughter Sahara is always disappointed when we can’t find her name on personalized items in stores.  Back when she was really young she asked ” Why don’t stores like my name”  and I had to explain to her about having unique names. When I ordered her a blue rain jacket with her name on it she was so thrilled she wanted to show everyone in the neighborhood. I couldn’t believe how many items can be personalized on The Pink Monogram site. Seeing how happy my daughter was with this jacket, I plan to buy more “Sahara” items from there. Plus I see a couple of items I want too…those clogs are cute!

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Monogrammed Ballet Flats Giveaway


One of my favorite ways to show off my personal style, is to wear personalized items, like clothing, accessories, even handbags and outerwear. Monogramming is a cute, fun and trendy way to show your style, and here in the south, monogramming is everywhere! One of my top picks for adorable monogrammed style items is MarleyLilly, offering beautiful monogrammed clothing, jewelry, shoes, gifts, home decor, and more! Read Ondria’s full MarleyLilly review, here.

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Bloominous DIY Flowers # Wedding


Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous
My friends is getting married and we were looking into flowers. We had stumbled on to  a great website that provides easy DIY floral arrangement kits for wedding and events? Bloominous help many brides from getting stressed and save money., by cutting the process of researching, purchasing, and florals. Recognizing this need gap, Bloominous is launched in 2014 to give brides an alternative option for DIY wedding flowers.
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Don’t Call Me Maam Review And Giveaway # Monthly Subscription


Don’t call me ma’am is a monthly subscription for your skin. There are three different packages you can choose from. The first package is the beauty which contains wash it away cleanse, in balance, toner, face love moisturizer or face love sensitive and goodnight cream. The second package is wisdom washit away cleanser, in balance toner, face love moisturizer , the perfector and the eye look great. The third package is the experience  which includes the wash it away cleanser, in balance toner, face love moisturizer, 2 serums, all lit up, gimme more c splash, the projector and eye look great.

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Cynthia Rowley Office Accessories # Desk Fashion

s0886331_sc7%20 Cynthia Rowley Style has new products at staples stores. With a fab collaboration with Rowley and renowned UK brand, Paper-chase. Rowley notes that when you like your work space, you like your work more and she designed items that aim to bring a dash of glam to your everyday desk life. These products have lots of gold paired with splashes of color and florals that will make your office space that much more like you. Put a smile on your face. Continue reading →