Wrap Up The Kids’ Parties With These Simple Tips

Party time can be chaotic and full of excitement. Or it could be organized, well-planned, and a pleasure to undertake. Not every parent wants to manage their children’s parties. It’s not surprising when you consider just how energetic a room full of kids can get! Whether you want to DIY the event or hand them over to a professional, here are some of the best ways to keep it simple yet fun:

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DVR 794 action camera takes incredible pictures #Vivitar

vvSince I had gotten my husband a high cost action cam this Last Holiday I wanted one of my own. I just don’t like the price. I go a lot of places I need to take pictures and I love what these new cameras can do but, do not want to spend that price. I recently had gotten the Vivitar DVR 794 action camera, which is one of several affordably priced action cams from Vivitar.   It takes both video and still pictures- up to 14MP and 1080 HD video. It comes with a waterproof case, bike mount, helmet mount, charging cable and wristband remote.

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How to Keep Kids Entertained During School Holidays

The School Holidays are fast approaching, and soon you’ll have over a month of the kids off school and needing to be entertained. Kids have tons of energy and without that energy being used up, they’re likely to have a riot. No parent wants to deal with that, so the best way to avoid it is to plan. Planning activities ahead of time will mean you’re never stumped for something to do with the kids while they’re off school. This means that they’re happy and you can take a breather while they’re busy. So, here’s a few ideas on how to keep them entertained.



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Are We There Yet?

Being trapped in the car with a bunch of screaming kids, fighting in the backseat and throwing things at you, is enough to put anybody off going away. Even though you know that it will be great when you get there, the long car journey that precedes your vacation can be absolute hell. All of the usual tactics that you usually use at home to keep things under control probably won’t work in the car. This can leave you feeling completely helpless, and you may be considering avoiding the vacation altogether this year. It would be such a shame to let the headache of a long car journey ruin a wonderful summer of fun so you’ll have to learn to deal with it instead. Luckily there are a few ways that you can make the whole thing a bit more peaceful and stop yourself from going crazy along the way. If you’re struggling with unruly kids in the car, here are a few things that you can try.  



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Taking A Pro-Active Financial Approach To Your Children’s Future With Positive Money Habits



Having and raising a child is mostly a beautiful, romantic adventure, yet it does take intensive hard work and structural planning to best take care of them. Being the best parent isn’t an easy task, but with a little forethought, you’re sure to live up to it. Finding ways to help your child pursue the activities they enjoy involves careful financial planning, but it’s completely possible to do.

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The Presents For Those With No Presence

presentImage Source


can be so hard knowing what to get friends and family members for their birthdays when you don’t see them often. Ideally, you want something that you are able to send well in the mail if you’re not going to be seeing them anytime soon – or even better, a company that will send on the gift anywhere you tell it to as soon as you click on it to purchase. Those who we love are seeming to move further and further away nowadays, and who can blame them? Technology has advanced so far that we are able to see their faces again in an instant thanks to video calling programs such as FaceTime and Skype. So what do we get those who live just that bit further away? Continue reading →

Bringing Out The Best

What every parent wants is for their kids to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. As long as they are trying to do it, we shouldn’t be stepping in their way. The only thing that we can do throughout their childhood is guide them towards what they want to be – providing it is something meaningful to the rest of their lives. We can do this by helping them to get involved in something, by encouraging them to be a part of the community around us and helping them to make new friends along the  way.  But just how do we actually do that?


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Cross’s Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet

coI love my sweets. My favorite is cookies and cakes. Just in time for Mother’s Day I had received a Mother’s Day Butterfly and Flowers cookie bouquet from Corso’s Cookies. This bouquet can make Mother’s Day extra special with this delicious arrangement of decorated shortbread cookies. These butterfly and flower cookies are the perfect gift for every mother in your life and will be sure to make her smile. Each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Each extra large shortbread cookie measures 4-5″ across and weighs nearly a quarter pound a piece. Choose from a 6 cookie arrangement for $49.99 or upgrade to a 9 cookie arrangement for only $10 more and receive 50% more cookies.  Continue reading →

Is Your Home Newborn Ready?



Waiting for your baby to arrive when your pregnant can feel like forever. In fact, the first and second trimester can go slowly for expectant moms. But when the third trimester comes, it’s time to lift your finger and make sure you are all set for your newborn. After all, it’s likely you have been just buying cute clothes up until now. But it’s time to get some more important bits. In fact, you should consider getting some essentials you need for your home. Here are some things you need to ensure your home is newborn ready. Continue reading →

How Families Can Prepare For Unexpected Medical Expenses


Though we may hate it, our bodies don’t work to a financial plan. Instead, they get sick and need medical attention on a timetable of their choosing, meaning that the chances of facing unexpected medical bills are high.


According to a study by Northwestern Mutual, around 34 percent of families said that the prospect of an unexpected medical bill made them nervous. Moreover, according to a study by NerdWallet back in 2013, unpaid medical bills were the leading cause of bankruptcy.



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