Why it’s Important to Clean Your Car in the Winter


Some people sing about winter wonderlands filled with crisp white snow, snowball fights and jolly snowmen. In reality, the winter is the harbinger of dirt and danger for your car. There’s probably no time of year that requires you clean your car more often than in winter. Everywhere you turn there’s new grime and grit just waiting to leap aboard and embed itself somewhere on the interior or exterior of your car. 

Here are all the reasons it’s important from Reedman Toll Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Jankintown to clean your car in the winter:

Reason 1 – Risk of abrasions and scratches

Road salt laid down to make the road safer may make it a more secure drive for you and your passengers, but that salt is also getting embedded into your wheels and onto the body and paintwork of your vehicle. If left unwashed, they can sit there causing corrosion, which will be more expensive to deal with at your dealership mechanic. Much better just to rinse the car down after driving through the dirt and salt.

Reason 2 – Mud is everywhere, including in your car Continue reading →

Tips for Purchasing a New Car


The world of automotive sales has never been richer and more resplendent with consumer choice. The result, however, is that the consumer has never been more bombarded with difficult decisions and factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. You wanted a sedan, but would a compact SUV work better for your family? You wanted a diesel, but would the better gas-mileage of a hybrid save you more money? It’s even hard to be sure which brand or marque is best for you.

Below is a simple step-by-step guide from Reedmantoll Subaru of Exton to provide at least a foundation for consumers feeling confused or unsure.

Step 1 – Research, research, research! Continue reading →

How to Avoid Expensive Winter Repairs


The winter is a dangerous time for driving. Black ice, snow drifts and slush create a veritable gauntlet of hazards to face as we do even the most everyday driving. Even assistance from local authorities like road salt to make our way clear and safe can have some unpleasant side effects on our cars. Accidents in winter are often serious, and that means a large repair bill from your dealership. If you wish to avoid expensive winter repairs, then here are a few suggestions from Chrysler of Culperer to help you along.

1. Invest in winter tires

If you live in New England, the Midwest or anywhere along the border with Canada, your winters are long and harsh. Mountains of snow are a common sight in the cold season, and conditions on the roads are treacherous. Winter tires are an extra expense, but there’s nothing better to maintain proper traction and keep your car (and yourself) safely on the road.

2. Check your brakes, suspension and transmission Continue reading →

All-Season Tires and Winter Tires – What’s the Difference?


The name “all-season tire” can create some confusion. Despite its name, it actually isn’t well-suited to the harsher winters of the Northeast or Midwest. Some companies now even distinguish between “all-season” and “three-season” tires, with the winter always being the exception. If you live in southern California, or Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia — the warmer states — then all-season tires will suit you down to a tee. Residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states with colder winters must consider an alternative when Jack Frost comes to visit.

Below you’ll find a list from Cross Point Motor Cars we’ll explore the main differences between these tire types. Continue reading →

Making Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter


You might think that getting your car ready for the winter is simply a question of warming it up longer in the morning before you set off and then driving a bit more slowly with an extra sweater on the back seat. There’s actually quite a lot more to preparing your car for the colder months than you might think. We’ve prepared a handy checklist from Pearson Honda  that can help make you a winter driving pro.

Item 1 – Emergency Kit

Pack a first-aid kit, extra winter clothes, blankets, water and non-perishable snacks, a flashlight, small shovel, cellphone charger and ice scraper. All these things are important to have on hand just in case you do actually run into trouble while you are out on the road.

Item 2 – Mechanic’s Check on Key Systems

Before winter hits, make sure a mechanic has checked and green lighted your car’s brakes, suspension, transmission and battery. The brakes, suspension and transmission are all more important than ever for keeping control while driving on wintry roads. The battery can lose capacity and endure damage in cold temperatures, so a mechanic’s professional eye should be able to make sure that it’s all okay, and how well your battery will last in the cold weather. Continue reading →

Crayola Scribble Scrubbier

crayo1Trying to find toys that keep your child interested and having fun is hard. I buy lots of toys that they play with a few times and then they stay in the back of the closet never to be played with again. Recently I found these new Scribble Scrubbier safari set  from Crayola. This set includes 4 washable pet figurines, 6 washable markers, 1 scrubbier oasis and slide and a scrub brush. Continue reading →

Crayola Glitter Dots

cray1I love glitter. My husband hates when it gets all over the house. It is so hard to clean up. Crayola has a new Product called Glitter Dots. They are amazing. They are little dots of glitter that you can smoosh onto different things decorating them with different color glitters without the mess. cray5The first set came with these adorable plastic keychains that you put the glitter in. It was so easy that Armando was able to do it by himself. Continue reading →

IplayAmerica Indoor Amusement Park New Jersey #TravelBlogger

iplay11Looking for a place to bring the kids and have fun for the day? IPlayAmerica is an indoor amusement park. Imagine the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore brought inland and blended with a city street complete with quaint shops, all energized by the excitement of indoor rides and attractions giving our guests nearly 4 acres of fun. That’s IPlay America, NJ’s largest indoor amusement park. As you walk through the indoor park there are signs and building replicating the boardwalk. I love it.  Continue reading →