Tom’s Wicked Cool Natural Deodorant #Fresh #Natural #Tom’sOfMaine

102_1098My son Zachary is 10 years old. He gets an odor under his arms. Yes, he has BO. As he is still young I don’t want to use those harsh chemical deodorants on him. He showers everyday.  Even though he showers everyday he ends up having bad BO. Recently he has tried Tom’s of Maine Natural deodorant. Continue reading →

Entenmann’s Little Bites Snacking’ Bites #Review#Giveaway#BBUSA

13211175_10206540278929788_852486645_oMy son Zachary has a very long school day. They have over a half hour ride on the school bus in the morning and afternoon. He is always starving when he gets off the bus. I am always looking for snacks to hold him over either in the morning or after school between meals. Entenmann’s New Snacking Bites are a soft-baked with a naturally flavored fruit filling. Continue reading →

How Can Moms Make Weight Loss Easier For Their Kids?

Weight gain isn’t something that only affects adults; kids can also be overweight. Thanks to convenience foods, a lot of children weigh more than they should. For us parents, this is an incredibly worrying trend, as childhood obesity can lead to all sorts of health problems in later life. Not to mention that fact that being overweight can have a big impact on your child’s self-esteem.

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Help Kids Fuel for School Partnered by Monster and Kellogg’s #BackToSchool

november 088

As our kids are back in school and back to homework and learning. To help kids fuel up for school and throughout the year, Monster and Kellogg’s partnered up to help empower children’s personalities and help keep them excited about learning.

Our children are unlike any other, so let us help their personalities shine.

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