Reasons to Get an Extended Auto Warranty #SheridanFord


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When you purchase a car you will be offered various options to in terms of features, which includes an extended auto warranty. Lots of car owners feel it is not really needed and look at it as an additional expense. But you should be aware of the benefits as well, in order to make a decision regarding it.

Benefits of an Extended Automobile Warranty  Continue reading →

How to Get Your Car Ready During Winter By Holden Dodge


The cold winter months are coming soon which means the days get shorter and night comes faster. With winter also come snow, storms and rain which are all hazardous to driving. It is imperative to ensure that your car is in excellent condition before the temperature drops lower. Preparing properly and keeping your car in good shape can prevent accidents and save you from being stranded in the cold weather. Continue reading →

Tips to Shop for Used Cars


Everyone wishes to buy a brand new car, but sometimes our budget doesn’t allow that luxury. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your dream of owning a car. The solution is to purchase a used vehicle in good condition, which lasts for some years and provides decent features. Continue reading →

Warning Signs of Failing Brakes


Car brakes play a major role in the overall safety of your vehicle. Of course, we wish that they work properly and consistently all the time. Unfortunately, neglecting regular maintenance can compromise the performance of your brakes and the safety of your passengers. Regular inspections ensure that all the components of your braking system are working correctly. Continue reading →