Why are Tune-Ups Necessary?

tuneWhy are Tune-Ups Necessary? from Wyatt Johnson Kia.

Cars definitely require regular oil changes as we all know, but it also needs tune-ups at periodic intervals. This service includes oil change, replacement of an engine air filter, spark plugs, and a few other things. To put it in a nutshell, it is basically preventative maintenance for your engine so your vehicle gives a stellar performance for a long time. Continue reading →

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money!



Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money! From Efird Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Car maintenance can extend the life of your car and boosting the value of your car overtime. It should be done regularly so your vehicle continues to perform well till the time you decide to sell it off!

Here are some car maintenance tips that can help save money in the long run – take a look:

Rotate your car tires

Front tires carry more than 60% of your car’s weight; consequently, front tires wear down faster than the rear ones. Also, turning wears the front tires at different rates. For right-hand-drive drivers, they generally take right turns faster than they do left turns. This puts more load on the left front tire so it wears out faster than your right. After thousands of miles of driving, you end up with uneven tread wear. Rotating tires equalizes these natural wear patterns by changing the positions of your tires, so it ensures a smoother and safer ride. Most manufacturers recommend that you should rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. An easy way to remember to rotate your tires is to do it whenever you change the oil. Continue reading →

Why is it Important to Service Your Car

serviceWhy is it Important to Service Your Car From  Roberts Honda

Many vehicle owners believe that since they have bought or leased their vehicle in good condition, they don’t have to keep up to date with the regular maintenance of it. But even the best kept cars in the greatest conditions will need to be serviced on a regular basis to keep them working properly for years to come. Continue reading →

How to Know it is Time for an Oil Change




How to Know it is Time for an Oil Change Tips From Roberts Subaru.

It is necessary to regularly check your oil levels in order to keep your car running smoothly. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine as well as cleaning, cooling and protecting these parts preventing your engine from seizing up. However, engine oil needs changing regularly as its lubricating properties do not last forever. Continue reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Around with Damaged Windshields



Why You Shouldn’t Drive Around with Damaged Windshields information from Reedman Toll Subaru.

Windshields are specially designed to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers even if extreme impact causes them to chip, crack or shatter. They have two layers of glass laminated together. If one layer of glass breaks, the laminate and the inside layer of glass hold the windshield together, keeping pieces of glass from injuring occupants of the car or falling on the road.

Why shouldn’t you drive around with a chipped windshield? Continue reading →

Tips for Car Winterization

Tips for Car Winterization from Roberts Honda

Road and weather conditions are drastically different during winter as compared to warmer climates, which is why your automobile should be prepared accordingly so it can handle those situations properly and ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Here are some tips to winterize your car:

Winter Wipers Continue reading →

Automotive Detailing – How to Clean Car Upholstery

Automotive Detailing – How to Clean Car Upholstery from Pearson Chrysler Jeep Online.

Immobile upholstery installed in the cars can be a cumbersome process for most of the car owners. Regular usage of car can easily allow soil, dust, pollens and other undesirable things to spoil the carpets and get trapped in upholstery fabrics. Moreover, the common habit of eating inside the car can lead to origination of stains and marks.

Here are some tips to clean upholstery and carpets inside your car and also, to maintain their longevity. Take a look:

Vacuum Cleaning Continue reading →

Car Maintenance and Service Checklist

Car Maintenance and Service Checklist from North Star Dodge.

Caring for your car and keeping it in proper running order takes effort but it is worthwhile to ensure it is in good condition and gives stellar performance at all times. As an added bonus, if you can prove that your vehicle has been well maintained, you can ask top dollar when it is time to sell it off. Moreover, car maintenance costs, while not always cheap, can ultimately help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

carmaintenanceInspect under the Hood Continue reading →