jumpMy car is two years old and I never thought that my battery would die already. It is so stressful when your car will not start. Especially looking for someone who had jumper cables or that will just give you a jump. Recently I was out shopping and of course I was parked where you wouldn’t be able to easily access the car to be jump started. Thankfully I had the Jumpsmart in the back of my car. I had charged it the day I received it. Put it in the back of my car and totally forgot that I even had it there until my battery was dead. Continue reading →

Attractions to Visit during Vacation Road Trips to Connecticut

rtriAttractions to Visit during Vacation Road Trips to Connecticut from Roberts Chrysler Dodge.

Planning a vacation road trip to Connecticut? With springtime knocking on the doors, it will soon be quite warm, so you can have a gala time here. It is full of both fascinating American history and vast natural expanses, offering something for everyone. 

Here are some of the attractions you must visit:

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Be Safe while Driving

Be Safe while Driving – Never Drink and Drive from Zeigler Chrysler Dodge.

Almost every other day we get to read about accidents due to drunk driving in the paper or hear all about it on the TV or online. Accidents caused because of drinking and driving have profound ramifications – it leads to serious injuries, can permanently disable someone, or lead to death.

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