Finding a Family-Friendly Car

Finding a Family-Friendly Car

Buying a car for your family? Not only do you have to keep budgetary concerns in mind, but also consider safety and well-being. This aspect lends seriousness to the family car quest that simply doesn’t exist if you are shopping for a sports or luxury vehicle.

Here are some pointers from Trinity Dodge.

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Why Get Extended Automobile Warranties?

Why Get Extended Automobile Warranties?

With every new car comes a vehicle warranty whereby you are covered for repairs based over a certain period of time. While the warranty from the manufacturer differs from brand to brand, you can get extended automobile warranties so you don’t have to shell out huge amounts on repair work.

Here is some information on extended warranties from Zeigler Chrysler Dodge.

What get an extended warranty?

What extended automobile warranties do is allow you to extend the warranty that comes from your manufacturer, or in the case of a used car improves on whatever warranty is being offered by the dealership. It is totally up to you as to whether you want to purchase extended automobile warranties, but it is advisable to do so, as people often fail to realize that it offers better protection in the long run.

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Regular Maintenance for Your New or Used Vehicle

Regular Maintenance for Your New or Used Vehicle Tips From Sunset Chevrolet.

Irrespective of the car model you own, whether it is new or used, getting your vehicle serviced can make the world of a difference for your money and car’s performance. Not only will a well maintained car ensure potential issues are resolved, but it lets you obtain a greater price if you were to trade the car in. If your car was to be poorly looked after people will, needless to say, be put off when they inspect the vehicle and be wary about purchasing it.

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How to Find a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

How to Find a Reputable Auto Repair Shop Tips From Sunset Ford Of Sumner.

These days, most of us spend hours in our vehicles, driving to and from work, dropping kids to school, running errands, and often, just taking a leisurely drive in the country. It goes with the territory that at some point, most of us will need to find a reliable auto repair shop.

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Why You Should Do The Recommended Maintenance On Your Car?

Why You Should Do The Recommended Maintenance On Your Car?

A lot of car owners fail to complete the recommended maintenance procedures on their vehicles, and repent when they fail to function properly or their overall performance is affected.

Don’t make this mistake – get regular maintenance done tips from Dulles Kia:

Check your oil levels every week. Engines run at extremely high temperatures and some cars burn through oil at an alarming rate. Running dry on oil causes massive damage. Continue reading →

Auto Detailing: Tips to Clean Automotive Upholstery

Auto Detailing: Tips to Clean Automotive Upholstery from Kims Toyota.

As time passes, your car interior might start smelling really bad due to a combination of tobacco, socks, coffee, or wet dog. It is very difficult to regain the new car scent with the upholstery absorbing dust and other pollutants. Car upholstery is made from different materials like leather, cloth, or vinyl. Cleaning of the interiors and the upholstery may be difficult and expensive since professional cleaners charge very high fees to remove the minutest of stains. Continue reading →

10 Things Buyers Should Know Before Buying a Car


Buying a car isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly – it is a solid investment that will be around for a quite a few years. Here are some helpful pointers from  Kims Nissan that every first-time car buyer should bear in mind:

Financing needs to be at the top of the list – always calculate the deposit you can put down along with the monthly payment you can afford.

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