Dove Engraved Beauty Bar #Mother’sDay

13148374_10206491589792590_745278037_oDove Beauty Bar  is a favorite Cleanser of mine. This beauty bar  leaves my skin so soft and clean. Dove has been the same formerly 60 years. They have transformed the iconic beauty bar for the first time by engraving the words love, care, real and kind on each bar. These words can have a powerful, inspiring impact on our relationships. Gift a beauty bar with a women in your life and honor them this Mother’s Day. Continue reading →

An Informative Guide To Getting A Family Pet

Getting a family pet is a big decision. Whether you grew up with pets yourself or have no experience of it all, it is still a daunting prospect. You don’t know what the future holds. Your children may be showing enthusiasm now, but will that last? It is an animal after all, and not something you can just pick up and put down as often as you please. However, it can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. It can help children develop new skills and teach them about responsibility. A pet can provide companionship and love like no other. So I thought I would share with you an informative guide to getting a family pet. Continue reading →

Oh Sugar! Lip Balms Covergirl

Oh Sugar! Lip Balms contain avocado butter and grapeseed oil, vitamin C & E. I have been looking for lip balm that really moisturizes and doesn’t just feel like a heavy mess on my lips.  I have very dry lips and after a week of using these Oh Sugar lip balm’s My lips are not as day. I also like these lip balms because they come in 10 scented shades. They are a sheer tint that adds a hint of lip color.  Continue reading →

New Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash And Beauty Bar

13120725_10206451261104398_1624456464_oThe New Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash leaves your skin softer, smoother after just one shower. This body wash replenishes 12 X more skin natural nutrients. Features a specifically designed formula blend of Moroccan Argan Oil leaving dry skin softer and smoother after just one wash.  The body wash takes a dual apron h to healthy skin by maintaining and nourishing skin’s protective layer during cleansing. To maintain this gentle cleanser, and formula as mild as water that contains Argan Oil, Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash protects against dryness and damage in your shower. It nourishes your skin and protects against dryness and damage.

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Deery Brothers Chevrolet :Different engine fluids that you must know to maintain your car

Deery Brothers Chevrolet: Different engine fluids that you must know to maintain your car


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Strangely enough there are people who own cars and think petrol or diesel is the only oil that a car needs to run. Lubricants, coolants and brake fluid mean nothing to them. Unfortunately, if you are one of these people, this article is for you. Continue reading →

Hit a pothole? Tips from Ken Garff DodgeHere are the things you immediately need to check in your car

Hit a pothole? Tips from Ken Garff Dodge: Here are the things you immediately need to check in your car


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It’s hard to find a driver who has never been caught surprised by a pothole. No matter how carefully you drive, at times it becomes difficult to avoid the potholes on the road. What do you do if your car runs into one? Let’s create a check sheet. Continue reading →

Deery Brothers Chevrolet’s Top reasons why you should maintain proper tire pressure in your vehicle

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When did you last check your car’s tire pressure? Last month? Don’t remember? Do you know how important it is to check the tire pressure regularly and maintain proper pressure? If you are unaware about it, let us help you to understand.
What is tire pressure?
Tire pressure is the measure of the amount of air present in the auto tires. It is measured in pounds per square inch. When we talk about measuring tire pressure, we mean checking the pressure with the help of a pressure gauge.

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Watters Autoland Tips on How to add years to your vehicle’s life and save yourself from spending on expensive repairs

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Do you envy your neighbor for driving a swanky Porsche that he bought 15 years back? Well, it’s not luck but hard work on his part that has kept the car looking new for all these years. Don’t worry, you can also maintain your car like that and minimize expensive repairs. Here’s how.

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