My Guide to Choosing the Best Electronics

As a parent, I find myself buying electronics more than I would have thought. It’s amazing how many gadgets can come in handy, whether it’s to help with the kids or for my own entertainment. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but getting to review some products does help me get more familiar with what to look for when buying electronics. If you’re not a tech or gadget geek, it can be hard to know what to buy. You want to get the best for your money and make sure what you buy something that meets your needs. Here’s my guide to choosing the right items for you. Continue reading →

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Creating A Happy Home With Children And Animals

You hear people say, ‘never work with children or animals’. As a lover of both, I’m here to bust some myths and share some tips for bringing up and nurturing children and pets together. It can be tricky to introduce a new baby to a pet or vice versa. Here are some pointers to ensure the process of forming an unbeatable team goes smoothly.

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Chuggington Delivery Dash at the Docks Dvd

ANB_D64069DGet ready for some great new adventures with Chuggington. A special delivery of traintastic fun is coming down the tracks for young trainees all across the country this season with “Delivery Dash at the Docks,” the newest release in the much-loved “Chuggington”DVD collection. The brand-new title from Anchor Bay Entertainment contains six standout episodes from the fifth season of the top-rated Disney Junior series as well as trainloads of exciting bonus features. Continue reading →

Fantastic Ways To Encourage Your Kids’ Creativity

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I’m sure you’ve already told your kids about how you didn’t have all their technology when you were young. Rather than sitting down glued to a tablet, you were out in the garden somewhere, with nothing but a few sticks and your active imagination. All the games and devices we have are great for keeping kids occupied, true. Still, you might get worried about the effect it all has on their imagination. We all want what’s best for our kids, so here’s how you can encourage creativity in your kids. Continue reading →