Can Parents Really Help Their Kids Make It To College?

These days kids have a lot of interests and activities away from their academic studies. With the rise of social media, you may find your teen is spending more time with their friends on the internet than in real life. And with so many distractions and instant messages, it can be really difficult to manage study time effectively. But if you have high hopes for your teen to graduate school and get into college, is there really anything you can do to help them? Continue reading →

How Can Moms Make Weight Loss Easier For Their Kids?

Weight gain isn’t something that only affects adults; kids can also be overweight. Thanks to convenience foods, a lot of children weigh more than they should. For us parents, this is an incredibly worrying trend, as childhood obesity can lead to all sorts of health problems in later life. Not to mention that fact that being overweight can have a big impact on your child’s self-esteem.

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Feltman Brothers Baby Clothes


12721944_10206168499555536_178074382_nLooking for a gift for a new baby? Feltman Brothers has exquisitely designed heirloom baby clothes for the holidays, special occasions, gifts, family or birthday parties. This family owned business runs three generations and is known for their classic handmade pieces featuring a timeless feel and look. Continue reading →

Top 5 Questions to Ask While Choosing a Car Dealer

If you are planning to buy a new or a used vehicle, it is necessary to get in touch with a car dealer and employ his services for making the purchase. However, it is equally important to make sure the dealership you have chosen is the right one.  You should determine the type of vehicle that will best suit your needs and investigate car dealers in your area to see if they can provide top-notch service for many years to come. Continue reading →

Must Have Parts For Your Car

Must-Have Accessories for Your Vehicle

After buying a car, the next you step is to purchase accessories that enhance the look and performance of the vehicle. Today, the auto market is filled with all kinds of car accessories for interior and exterior usage, so you have a wide array of choices to take your pick from. Continue reading →