Are you buying a car? check your credit score first #BeckChryslerDodgeJeep

Are you buying a car? check your credit score first

Before you go for a test drive, the sales man requests you to fill a credit card application. If you know your credit report or credit score it can prevent you from various kinds of scams. Usually, customers negotiate with the dealers for the best price while financing. As the customers fill in the credit score application and grabs a cup of coffee, the sales man comes and gives the information that his credit card score is low and he does not qualify for the offered interest rate and he has to pay a higher rate as he does not qualify for a lower interest rate. Continue reading →

Getting your vehicle ready for winter #SheridanFord

Getting your vehicle ready for winter

Running vehicles in a cold weather state can be life threatening. However, if you follow the below-mentioned precautions, it can be life-saving.

Check out some tips for your vehicle that can act as a shield during winters-

Change your oil: 

Never procrastinate if your vehicle is demanding 30,000-mile full service. Furthermore, if you are planning for a long drive in the cold area, get its oil change as in cooler areas, oil becomes thicker and can’t keep the engine lubricated. Do refer your owner’s manual for using the right type of oil according to the climate.  Continue reading →

Choosing the best vehicle to fit your needs #Mullahey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Choosing the best vehicle to fit your needs

Choosing the best vehicle for your family or professional requirements is the most intricate job. Customers often get confuse when they see hundreds of models in the market one better than the other. Furthermore, it becomes almost an insurmountable task for you to choose in between an old used car and a new one when you have to put your money at stake.   Continue reading →

Accessories that protect your vehicle #Earnhardt Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Your vehicle looks at its best when you pay equal attention to both its interior and the exterior. This step not only maintains the eminent value of the vehicle at the time of trading but keeps your drive smooth until the time it is with you. Furthermore, the top condition of all these accessories makes you feel the proud owner of the car too whether it is seat covers, car bra or floor mats. There are an infinite number of accessories you can purchase to protect your vehicle.  Continue reading →

Tips For Buying A New Car BY Browning Dodge


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While you start hunting for a new car there are many factors that should be considered like budget, accessories, model etc. The Internet has made things pretty much easier and you can get a great deal of information sitting at your home before reaching the car dealer. Below stated tips can guide you commendably making your job search easier and stress-free. Continue reading →

The Stork OTC #MumsTheWordNetwork #Sponsored

13940094_10207169830948195_1321942033_o“This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.”

I have been trying to get pregnant since I got married. I have not been having safe sex since our honeymoon. It has been over a year now and I still have not gotten pregnant. I never expected any problems getting pregnant. My mom has 5 children and my sister had 2. They never had any issues. I found myself starting to wonder what was wrong with me. I was doing it the way it was suppose to be. We got married, purchased a house went on our honeymoon. Next we should be pregnant like most people become on their honeymoon. Not for me. Continue reading →