Tips for Improving Gas Mileage


How much a gallon of gas costs does depend on your location in the country, but it can be as high as $4,09 for a gallon (San Francisco) according to US News figures from November 2019. Wherever you are, gas is an essential commodity, but the costs can run away from you if you don’t pay attention to how much you’re using. One way to stretch the budget is to get more miles for your gallon in your own car. Over time, as you fill up less, you’ll notice the savings starting to pile up. So, how can you achieve this reduced gas-guzzling effect? Here are a few ways to improve gas mileage from Pearson Mazda.

Method 1 — Reduce speed and revs

According to the US Department of Energy, you pay an extra $0.21 extra per gallon of gas for every 5mph you increase your speed over 60mph. We know it’s tempting to put your foot down, especially when the roads are empty, but just remember that every press on that pedal is gas down the tube. Ease off, keep your revs low, and you’ll start to notice the difference.

Method 2 — Take some of the load off

If you’re in the habit of keeping your car laden with stuff, then this could be a good time to stop. Take unnecessary items out of your car, and keep the load as light as possible. A lighter load means the car works less hard to achieve the same ends. Less work means less gas consumed.

Method 3 — Keep up with maintenance

Not taking care of basic engine maintenance like filters, oil and fluid levels can mean the engine has to work much harder to do what it normally does. Just remember that as you consume more coffee and cake when you work harder, your car, too, consumes gas as it works harder.

Method 4 — Stick with the recommended fuel type

Whatever fuel your manual recommends is not some arbitrary choice or the preference of the manufacturer. It’s a serious recommendation that is designed to keep the car running at optimal efficiency. Don’t let vanity or apparent short-term savings let you switch to another fuel. Stick with the recommendation and things will tick over better.

If you employ these simple tips, you will quickly notice the difference. Remember that if you are noticing a continuing drop in gas mileage and that you’re having to fill up more regularly even when your driving habits haven’t changed, then you might want to schedule a visit to the dealership to check out the engine. Dropping mileage is a classic warning sign. Stay safe on the roads.

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