Importance of Winter Car Washing


There’s no season quite so dirty and ire-inducing for drivers than winter. Temperatures are low, ice and slush litter the roads, and with it all comes a seemingly whole new host of dirt and contaminants just ready and waiting to foul up your newly cleaned car. Depending on exactly where a driver lives, they may or may not find themselves visiting the car wash more frequently during the colder months, while others decide that “it’s too cold out, it can wait.” Today, we’re sharing with you our top reasons from Century Ford of Mount Airy  to shake off this notion, and realize why washing your car in winter is more important than any time of year.

Reason 1 — Buildup of dirt and contaminants on the undercarriage

As your wintry drive takes you down slushy roads caked in all kinds of dirt, road salt and other mess, no part of your car takes more of the punishment than your undercarriage. Hopefully the undercarriage has received a thorough clean before the winter sets in, but you need to keep on top of it through the whole cold season. Don’t let this essential area get caked up or clogged with harmful on-road contaminants.

Reason 2 — Keeping the tire tread clean

Another place where the dirt and grime get clogged in (and dangerous) is in your tire tread. As you traverse the winter highways, the traction offered by your tires is your best line of defense against any mishap or, god forbid, accident. You need to keep those tires clean and the tread free of any caked grime or other debris.

Reason 3 — Lights need to be bright

Another reason to wash is that your lights need to be at their brightest as the days shorten and darkness sets in for more hours in the day. If you don’t clean them off, you’ll not only have more trouble seeing the road yourself, but others will, more dangerously, have trouble seeing you.

Reason 4 — Damage to your paintwork

Finally, if you let dirt and grime build up on your car’s paintwork, it can embed itself more firmly on there, and ultimately lead to scratches or swirl marks when you finally do get around to cleaning. Regular washing will keep the nooks and crannies from allowing any dirt to get seriously embedded.

Careful detailing and cleaning benefits your car during the winter than in any other season. As the weather worsens, so too does the impact on your car’s exterior and even the inner workings. Stay on top of your car cleaning schedule this winter, and feel the benefits come the spring.

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