Buying a New Car – Essential Tips


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It’s a new year and you’ve decided to treat you and possibly your family to a brand-new car. It’s understandable. What’s more, with the auto market so rich and resplendent with your choice of brands, models and trims galore, it’s certainly something of a retail playground out there; a buyer’s market. That being said, the mountains of choice also mean it can be harder for some to make a final decision on the car they want. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this handy guide from Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep to help you out! 

1 Buyer Tip #1 — Research Widely, Shortlist Narrowly

At the very beginning of your search, you should be open minded and check out as many options as you can. You may surprise yourself by what you like. Ultimately, however, you should winnow your choices down to a handful of no more than five choices.

2. Buyer Tip #2 — Work with Reputable Dealerships

You may be tempted to look all over at any and all outlets in your search, but the truth it’s better to work with a dealership where you can do everything all in one place. They have the latest models, all the trim options, the expertise and after-sales services that you need all under one roof.

3. Buyer Tip #3 — Test Drive, Test Drive!

Never sign on any dotted line until you’ve test-driven the car you’re thinking of buying. Pictures won’t cut it, nor will hearsay. You have to test the car, and preferably in varying road conditions and even in different weather if you can. Check the visibility from the driver’s seat; see how it handles, try the control interface and see how you like the experience.

4. Buyer Tip #4 — Explore Finance Options

Another plus of working with a dealership is that they can get you a great finance option, but there are other options, too. If you have a good credit rating, then you should expect a good interest rate on a new car.

5. Buyer Tip #5 — Sleep on It

Finally, never pull the trigger or sign a sales document until you have slept at least one night on it. The refreshed brain is more logical. Let it sort through the pros, cons and other info, and you can call the dealership back in the morning.

There’s always more you can do to improve your situation as a buyer. The most important rule is to furnish yourself with enough information on each model you’re interested in. Another good idea is to reach out on social media and connect with friends who drive the same cars, or to customer reviews of your chosen models. They’re not always going to have the same experience as you, but their input may well help you if you’re stuck.

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