Avoiding Expensive Winter Car Repairs


thThere’s no denying that winter is the most dangerous time of year to drive. Between the snow, black ice, slush and other nasty stuff all over the roads, it is a wonder that more people don’t just fly off the roads each year. Dangerous conditions do mean a higher risk of accidents, and that in turn means a higher likelihood of an (expensive) visit to the dealership mechanics. Fear not, however, because Cuero Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has prepared some advice below on how to avoid this kind of scenario this winter.

Advice 1 — Reduce your speed, increase your safety

Let’s start with the most obvious advice. Cut your speed by at least 10-15mph when driving on winter roads. The conditions make both reaction times and stopping distances greater. That means that collisions can potentially happen at greater speeds than in other times. Slow down, wherever you are. It’s not worth the extra haste.

Advice 2 — Keep up with regular maintenance 

Never more than during winter is it more important to stay on top of regular maintenance like checking the oil, filters, tire pressure, state of the battery and fluid levels. Any one of these being in the wrong state could cause further (and more expensive) damage down the line. Don’t forget to regularly clean your car (especially the undercarriage) as well to prevent damage to the underside of your car, the tires, paintwork or other parts.

Advice 3 — Get a service before winter sets in

A tip for the future is also to consider getting your car serviced before the winter sets in. In this way, you can start each winter in optimal condition and then just try to stay on top of that. To start in a bad condition is to risk greater damage down the line.

Advice 4 — Purchase winter tires

Finally, we understand that it’s a big of extra expense, but winter tires are also a must for those in the most extreme winter conditions. The extra traction they provide cannot be matched even by so-called “all-season” tires which would be more aptly named “three-season tires” for the mega-winter zones like the Northeast. Winter tires may just save your car and your life on those roads.

We hope you’ll find greater safety and confidence on the winter roads this year by following our advice. One final piece of advice we can offer is that in these frosty and hazardous months, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks. Don’t make non-essential journeys in bad weather, don’t overtake slower cars in front, stay patient and remain vigilant at all times. In this way, you’re “unforeseen invoices” pile will remain non-existent (or at least very small) this winter.

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