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For parents, there’s nothing quite so unnerving as the idea of their teenage son or daughter getting involved in some kind of unfortunate road accident. It’s hard to let them go out into the world, driving their own car and facing the dangers out there, but it’s also inevitable and we therefore need to find ways to help them stay safe. Below is our handy guide from Fullerton Maserati to safer teen driving, which we hope parents and their children alike will follow and share.

1. Take an advanced driving course after getting your license

Getting your license can make you feel as though you are beyond reproach on the road. “I’ve passed my test, I’m good to go.” Any experienced driver knows that getting your license is just the beginning of the journey. After acquiring your freedom, why not take an advanced driving course? You’ll learn to deal with bad weather, freeways, difficult parking, how to respond in an emergency and more.

2. Grab every opportunity to be the family driver

Volunteer to be the driver every time the car is needed. Drive the family to dinner, the movies to the grocery store, and even to school. Every bit of driving experience helps build confidence, and for parents it’s nice to continue supervision and help teens develop better driving habits.

3. Take it slow, don’t feel the pressure

It’s easy to feel peer pressure when driving. Friends are egging you on to drive faster, break the rules, take risks. It’s important that you take things slowly when progressing your driving skill, and stand your ground against any and all pressure from others to do things differently. Stick to your path, take things steady and drown out the voices of others.

4. Avoid taking even small risks

Even a small risk like drinking “just one beer” before driving, or going “just a few mph” over the limit greatly increases your risk out on the road, especially as an inexperienced driver. Bad weather is another example. If it’s raining very heavily, or snowing, and you just want to go to the movies or the mall, then perhaps wait for another day. There’s no point risking your life on too everyday a journey.

5. Follow the basics – seat belt, speed limit, 10&2, signals

Do things by the book — wear your seatbelt, stick to the speed limits (or below), keep your hands at 10 and 2 for maximum control, and remember to always use your turn signals when you maneuver. It may appear dull, but these things may be saving your life every day.

It’s a scary world out there, but we can help keep our teenagers safe on the road by following tips like these. Fortunately for us, cars have never been safer or loaded with technology designed specifically to prevent accidents from happening. That being said, we must always stay vigilant.

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