Clean Car Tips


It seems that wherever we live, we are engaged in an eternal battle between our car and the forces of dirt, dust and grime. Cleaning the car outside and in can be such an enormous chore, and we are sometimes so busy that even stopping by the carwash seems to be too much to pack into our day. In these circumstances, what we need are some handy tips from Fullerton Alfa Romeo to help us keep the car cleaner for longer that will, hopefully, make our lives easier.

Tip #1 – Use wax, sealant or other paint protective measures

A good wax or sealant applied properly can give you around one or two months’ protection from the elements, helping keep dirt from embedding itself in your paintwork. There are more lasting options, of course, such as ceramic coating or even PPF (clear bra). These are certainly more costly, but offer unbeatable protection over years-long periods, not to mention a superb shine that will keep your car looking like new even in bad weather.

Tip #2 – Avoid standing water while driving

You might think you’ve avoided the dirt when you didn’t drive in the rain. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, however, the puddles and pools of standing water that heavy rain leaves behind, sometimes for up to a day or more. Driving through these is perhaps the most efficient way to ruin your hard cleaning work.

Tip #3 – Don’t just wash, detail

Giving the car a shampoo and a rinse can get the superficial dirt off your car, but it doesn’t always remove the most embedded dirt and dust, nor does it produce the kind of lasting shine and overall effect you get from detailing. Get some microfiber cloths, apply product, wipe down and clean to every corner. Better yet, ask a professional detailer to do it for you.

Tip #4 – Develop good trash-picking habits

Keeping the inside of the car clean is mostly about good habits. Try to foster good habits by you and your passengers following some simple rules like every time we get out of the car, we take at least one piece of trash with us each. Whether small or large, each passenger removing one item will help keep the car’s floor and storage spaces free from trash.

Tip #5 – Use all the vacuum attachments

All those attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner are ideal for vacuuming into every corner of your car. This is important because it’s nearly always in those darker corners where the most stubborn dirt is hiding. Examine the attachments and see how they can make the car vacuuming experience a more effective one.

Don’t wince when facing the battle of cleaning your car. Follow these basic tips and you’ll be sure to stay shiny for longer! Visit your local dealership for more help with car washing and detailing.

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