5 Common Fire Hazards And How To Protect Yourself

Did you know that three quarters of all home fires come from simple common hazards? Knowing what these types of hazards and how to prevent them can help you and your family stay safe this holiday season and protect your loved ones. Below are a few fire hazards that can occur, especially during this busy time of year and ways to help be aware of looking for them during your travel or holiday parties. 

1. Cooking- Cooking leads to more house fires than any other source. This includes items like using cooking oil, an air fryer or microwave. By far though, the biggest and simplest way to start a fire is by walking away from cooking on the stove. While it may seem like you’ll be gone for a few seconds, this usually when something problematic happens when we turn our back. Be sure that all your heating elements are turned off after cooking and keep your eye on the stove top at all times. If you have young kids that need your attention, keep them close to you by far away so they aren’t touching the stove. 

2. Heating Equipment– This includes your space heaters, furnaces, fireplaces or radiators within your home. While many of us love the smell of a wood burning fire, you want to make sure that it’s inspected at least once a year to ensure a home fire won’t start. That being said, make sure your furnace is also inspected every year and change the filters regularly. DOn’t ever set clothes on a space heater to dry because they actually make up for one third of heating fires! Any flammable material should be three feet away or more! 

3. Electrical Equipment– This includes any lights, electric appliances in your kitchen or outlets. During the holiday season you’ll have plenty of lights in and outside of your home so be sure to not overload outlets with a high wattage device. Be wary of this in your kitchen or bathrooms too. It’s recommended that you only have one high wattage device per outlet. For lighting, use a light bulb that will match the fixtures recommended wattage. Don’t run any extension cords under carpet, furniture or rugs! They can get warm and it could pose a potential hazard that you can easily avoid. 

4. Candles – While they are very pretty to set the mood for a holiday party, you want to make sure that you don’t leave anything nearby that could start a fire. By all means, don’t have a candle in the bathroom or in a bedroom when you are not there. Be safe! Blow them out when leaving any room and of course, keep them out of reach of children 

5. Be Concious Of Children– Speaking of children, we know how much kids are fascinated with fire. COmbine that with their curiosity and it could be a  disaster. Not only is it important to keep candles out of reach but also includes matches, lighters and anything else that they could grab and use. Be sure to check their rooms ( even if the door is closed and are extra quiet ) . While you want to trust your children, older kids know that it’s wrong but still try to be sneaky about it. The biggest thing yo uacn do is talk about fire safety with your children and share the good and bad about what can happen if a fire does occur. You want everyone to be on the same page, especially if it’s something that can be avoided.

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One of the biggest ways to help you avoid and protect a fire is by installing the proper equipment to detect if a fire is happening even if you aren’t home. DO you have a fire security system within your home? If not, you should right away. If you live in the New Jersey state and need someone to help you, Alpha Fire & Security System does the job correctly every time. This fire alarm service serving the NJ area not only offers you the most advanced technology but also the proper way to install it. Their engineers are ready to design a functional system for you and your loved ones. If you have the proper equipment but are unsure how to use it, or you think you having constant false alarms, call the friendly staff to help make sure everything is working properly.Alpha Fire provides their alarm system to get an alert signal to their central station and dispatch the fire department immediately no matter if you are at home or not. To me, that is huge because I can feel that my home is secure even when I’m at work or on vacation. The same goes with their security stem as well. 


What are some common fire hazards you’ve heard or done to help your family prevent a fire within your home? Be aware and help protect your loved ones during this holiday season.


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