5 Closet Cleaning Tips

As a fashion blogger, you want to make sure your closet looks as neat and tidy as can be. Imagine, opening up your closet and seeing all the pieces that you love, feel great about and the variety of options it presents to you to make you feel gorgeous inside and out. It truly is empowering to have a closet clean, organized and ready for you to become creative with the pieces inside. When it comes to cleaning this type of room, it can be a use undertaking. It can even emotional too because there may be some items that you don’t need but want or feel like you need to keep it because of the sentimental value and attachment you have towards it. Regardless, taking on this chore will help ease any frustration, confusion or irritably that your closet could cause you. 

1. Marie Kondo Everything– If you haven’t heard of the Marie Kondo project, you basically go into your closet and look at each article of clothing. If the item sparks joy then you keep it. The rest of the items that don’t give you joy you can donate or give to charity. Marie Kondo has built her empire on building an organization empire on the thesis that we shouldn’t keep anything in our life that doesn’t bring us joy. It may sound ridiculous but many people believe in this method. Kondo explains that we can be grateful to items for the meaning that they bring into our lives without feeling guilty for partying with them. It’s time to clean out those dressers, the clothes are stuck in the back of your closet or ones that you continuously wear to your favorite outings with girlfriends to continue to wear. 

2. Flip the Hangers– Do you feel overwhelmed with all the clothes you have and don’t have enough space for it all? You may have answered yes if you’ve stood in front of your closet and realized for a second you may not have anything to wear but weren’t sure how to go about putting together new outfits. When was the last time you put that sweater in the back of your wardrobe? If you want to get some clarity, flip all your hangers so the hooks are facing the back of your closet. As you wear an item, turn that hanger back to its normal position. Within a few weeks, months or even a year, depending on how seasonally you use the whole of your wardrobe. Whatever items you have not turned around at whatever time frame you give yourself, donate those items to neighbors, family or a local charity or church. 


Image: Surf Termite & Pest Control

3. Keeping Pests Away – Nope I don’t mean pesky neighbors that might try and peak into your closet but those pesky called termites that can come at a moments notice. If you do see your floorboard start to bubble up this may be a sign that you do have termites eating through your wood and the next thing to do is  call an exterminator. If you live in the New Jersey area, a reliable company to call is called Surf Termite & Pest Control. A family owned business for over 30 years, this effective elimination of pests is unique to the Jersey shore environment. The operator, Steve Wrzesnewski knows his customers and create a custom plan for every single customer so the experience you have is one you won’t forget and guaranteed to be a positive one for years to come. They offer various protection plans to cover termites or other pests you may encounter such as fleas, digger bees or carpenter ants. 

4. Color Code – One of the best loved close cleaning tips is organizing your closet by color. There are benefits to doing this because it actually helps to see where you have more duplicates than others. You may not think that you have 23 grey shirts until they are all hanging next to one another and then only a few black or white ones. Of course, one black shirt is fine but try to mix it up instead of having just purple pull over sweatshirts. It also helps you look organized and neat. This inviting rainbow of color may can help you stay motivated to keep things going in the morning, even if you aren’t a morning person.

5.  Dust And Vacuum On A Weekly Basis – Of course as you would any room in your home,        once a week try to do a thorough job of dusting and vacuuming all the nooks and crannies of your closet to get rid of dust bunnies. This also may be a good time to look at clothes that might need ironing for the week, shirts or pants that need to be dropped off at the dry cleaner for getting rid of the stains you spilled earlier in the week or just to make sure your clothes stay fresh, clean and looking their best. 


Are there some tips or tricks for keeping your closet clean, organized and in tip top shape that I haven’t shared? Share some stories or ideas you have in the comments below!


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