3 Things To Consider When Choosing Marble Countertops

It’s always been a dream of mine to incorporate marble countertops somewhere in our home. If I’m really thinking about, I love looking at magazines and seeing marble in the kitchen because I think it gives such an elegant and classic feel to the space. The kitchen is usually where the majority of you, guests and family members are in so why not make it look the most put together and where you want to invest your money into. Of course, marble is an expensive product to budget for and you want to make sure that it’s the right choice for your vision and kitchen needs and everyday life. I’m sharing a few reasons why I think marble is the right choice, plus a few other cons incase you are really thinking about if it’s the right fit for you at this time. 


  1. Budget – As I mentioned, choosing marble is an expensive choice to do however there are various options to how much you are willing to spend. For instance, carra marable is one of the least expensive marbles out there. An extremely popular and well known marble is white carrar marble and has been used since the Ancient Roman times. There are actually many famous structures built entirely out of this marble such as the Basilica of Massa and The Pantheon! You can use White Carrara no matter what design style you are consering on doing for your kitchen. There are variations of the stone but the most notably marble has a muddy white based with soft grey veining. It may not be as dramatic as some other marbles you’ve seen but it really does blend nicely with whatever your design is. If the budget is small but you’re heart is set on having some sort of marble in your kitchen, this is highly recommended for you. 

counterImage: Premier Surfaces

  1. Talk To Professionals – There were several questions you might have when it comes to picking out the perfect slab of marble for your kitchen. Not only asking about cos but also installation fees, what is the proper care of the marble, How will you be using the countertops? Do you have small children or are they older so they know not to use sharp objects near or on the countertop. What about can I put hot items on the countertop or do I need some sort of protection? All these questions can be answered by friendly staff at Premier Surfaces. They have various locations all around the country and specialize in installing and making sure you are completely satisfied with your choice in remodeling your home, kitchen and bathroom using their products and services. They are the nation’s largest fabricator and installer of customer countertops and surfaces so you can rest assured that your questions, answers and process of using their services are of the utmost importance. They offer high-quality materials including engineered marble, solid surfaces, quarts and natural stone plus their product range, resources and national infrastructure if efficiently to meet the needs of any commercial or residential client they work with! Be sure to check out all of their social media or website to find the nearest location! 


  1. What Are Your Kitchen Requirements – When thinking of choosing this as your countertop, it’s also extremely helpful to have an idea of how much countertop you will need as any required dimensions for your space that are not standards. This way, you can create a ballpark figure for each material and make comparisons. You might also decide to use two different materials. If you have an island, perhaps you can afford maybe a wood top while the countertops near it can be a more budget devouring marble or granite if you choose. Also, think about how you will be using your kitchen with these countertops. Are they just for looks? Is it something that you’ll be cooking, prepping or sitting down to dinner at? As always, ask for the proper care on how to keep your marble stone looking it’s best because there may be some treatment you’ll need to do only a few times a year to keep it looking new. 


Take time to really look at all of your options and talk to a professional to help make a final decision. Go with what speaks to you and not always the trend because this will be a lifelong material you can use for your family and their family too! Be sure to bring your list of questions, concerns and vision board for what you are imagining your kitchen to look like. Have you updated your kitchen countertops before? Did you have any problems or advice you wanted to share for those that are thinking about doing this themselves? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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