Why it’s Important to Clean Your Car in the Winter


Some people sing about winter wonderlands filled with crisp white snow, snowball fights and jolly snowmen. In reality, the winter is the harbinger of dirt and danger for your car. There’s probably no time of year that requires you clean your car more often than in winter. Everywhere you turn there’s new grime and grit just waiting to leap aboard and embed itself somewhere on the interior or exterior of your car. 

Here are all the reasons it’s important from Reedman Toll Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Jankintown to clean your car in the winter:

Reason 1 – Risk of abrasions and scratches

Road salt laid down to make the road safer may make it a more secure drive for you and your passengers, but that salt is also getting embedded into your wheels and onto the body and paintwork of your vehicle. If left unwashed, they can sit there causing corrosion, which will be more expensive to deal with at your dealership mechanic. Much better just to rinse the car down after driving through the dirt and salt.

Reason 2 – Mud is everywhere, including in your car

The car’s carpet, upholstery and other interior surfaces are going to be caked in dirt tracked in by your kids, your dog or other passengers who are just trapesing around in the winter filth outdoors. That dirt will get firmly embedded in your fabrics and become near impossible to shift if left unattended. A regular vacuum and scrub down of upholstery and carpets is in order during the winter. It prevents bacteria and mildew from building up, which can be damaging to the health of yourself and passengers.

Reason 3 – It will maintain visibility

Your windshield will be constantly under attack in the winter months as cars, vans and trucks in front of you throw up wave after wave of dirt from the roads. You’ll find yourself washing and wiping without end as you do even the most everyday of drives. The wipers and fluid will keep the windshield usable, but a proper and regular clean of the entire windshield is crucial to maintain full visibility and a safe drive.

Reason 4 – To prevent a buildup of ice

If left unwashed and undetailed, your car gets a buildup of ice on the wipers, side mirrors, door handles or, worse, the reverse view cameras. This will not only impede access to your vehicle, but also how safely it functions in everyday driving. Ice in gaps between panels and doors can also lead to damaging cracks, which could cost you later if not dealt with properly.

In truth, a final reason to clean your car regularly in the winter is to maintain your own confidence and mood. A clean car is nicer to drive, and while the weather is foul and daytime short, it’s important to cling on to anything, large or small, that can make you feel better! If you’re struggling to find time or energy to do the cleaning yourself, get down to your nearest dealership for a professional detailing.

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