Making Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter


You might think that getting your car ready for the winter is simply a question of warming it up longer in the morning before you set off and then driving a bit more slowly with an extra sweater on the back seat. There’s actually quite a lot more to preparing your car for the colder months than you might think. We’ve prepared a handy checklist from Pearson Honda  that can help make you a winter driving pro.

Item 1 – Emergency Kit

Pack a first-aid kit, extra winter clothes, blankets, water and non-perishable snacks, a flashlight, small shovel, cellphone charger and ice scraper. All these things are important to have on hand just in case you do actually run into trouble while you are out on the road.

Item 2 – Mechanic’s Check on Key Systems

Before winter hits, make sure a mechanic has checked and green lighted your car’s brakes, suspension, transmission and battery. The brakes, suspension and transmission are all more important than ever for keeping control while driving on wintry roads. The battery can lose capacity and endure damage in cold temperatures, so a mechanic’s professional eye should be able to make sure that it’s all okay, and how well your battery will last in the cold weather.

Item 3 – Winter Tires 

If you’re not living in a temperate zone, and your winter frequently has temperatures below 40 degrees, then you might want to consider winter tires. The more serious, snow-laden and icy your winter is, the more strongly that consideration should be. In the most serious cases, you should even look at tires that come with metal studs built in for extra traction.

Item 4 – Thorough Cleaning of the Undercarriage

The underside of your car is going to take a lot of punishment in the winter. If you haven’t cleaned under there in some time, then right before winter hits is the perfect time. There’s extra dirt on the road, gravel and road salt, not to mention ice shard, slush and other grime getting up there a lot more than in spring and summer. A pre-emptive clean will help ensure the undercarriage is not hindered.

Item 5 – Wax or even Ceramic Coating

If you want to protect your paintwork from the worst excesses of Jack Frost’s fury, then a pre-winter wax is a good place to start. If you want more lasting protection for many winters to come, then a ceramic coating polymer might be the way to go. The process takes longer and costs a bit more, but the results are much more lasting.

Follow these steps and you’ll be ready for anything winter has to throw at you. Ultimately, to be ready you also just have to take more care and avoid any risky driving behavior. Talk to your dealership for more information on services to winter-proof your car.

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