How to Avoid Expensive Winter Repairs


The winter is a dangerous time for driving. Black ice, snow drifts and slush create a veritable gauntlet of hazards to face as we do even the most everyday driving. Even assistance from local authorities like road salt to make our way clear and safe can have some unpleasant side effects on our cars. Accidents in winter are often serious, and that means a large repair bill from your dealership. If you wish to avoid expensive winter repairs, then here are a few suggestions from Chrysler of Culperer to help you along.

1. Invest in winter tires

If you live in New England, the Midwest or anywhere along the border with Canada, your winters are long and harsh. Mountains of snow are a common sight in the cold season, and conditions on the roads are treacherous. Winter tires are an extra expense, but there’s nothing better to maintain proper traction and keep your car (and yourself) safely on the road.

2. Check your brakes, suspension and transmission

These three key systems will be more crucial than ever on roads hindered by snow, slush and other obstacles. If you are planning a time of year for an annual service, then right before winter is perfect because you can ensure that your important components are all working at optimal condition before the worst weather hits.

3. Get the wax out

Waxing the car will offer extra protection from the salt, gravel, dirt and other nasty things that will assault your car as you’re going about your day. If any of these things get embedded anywhere in the car, they can cause scratches when you wipe it down or wash it. Wax will help keep them at bay.

4. Wash your car regularly

Road salt will get onto your wheels, undercarriage and other parts of your car. If it gets embedded and remains there, it can lead to corrosion, so it’s important that you at least rinse your car down thoroughly on a regular basis during winter. A quick visit to the detailers or car wash at your dealership should do the trick.

5. Keep one eye on the battery

Extreme low temperatures can do significant damage to the battery. If it’s cold enough to make the fluids in the battery freeze, they will expand and damage the casing. The cold will also greatly reduce its capacity, so you may have some difficulty starting up your car. Check the battery to make sure it’s not frozen up. Attempting to start the car while the battery is frozen can be very dangerous.

All in all, avoiding expensive winter repairs is mostly about good common sense and not taking any risks. Reduce your regular speed, give yourself more time on even the most everyday journeys, and avoid unnecessary journeys where the weather makes you less than confident to drive. Take care and stay safe.

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