Reasons to Carpool this Winter



You might be enjoying the fall colors right now, speeding along letting your thoughts drown in that romantic autumn foliage. Winter, however, is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about how best to deal with this most difficult of driving seasons. Have you ever considered doing a carpool? If not, then you should, and it just so happens that winter is the best time to start. Here are the best reasons why from Victorville Motors:

It cuts out the morning warm up

On a dark and cold winter’s morning, there’s nothing worse than also getting into a freezing car. If you’re carpooling, the driver will have the car warmed up and ready by the time they pick you up at home. You get into a toasty and comfortable car to escape the nippy winter air. Perfect.

2. There are savings to be had (gas and car wash)

Carpooling drastically reduces the amount you use your own car, which naturally brings savings. But doing it in winter brings even more savings in the long run, especially if you drive a manual car. Driving in lower gears uses more gas, and winter more often keeps you in lower gears as you drive slower. What’s more, the winter is uniquely able to gunk up your undercarriage and other parts of your car, so you also save money on car wash bills, too!

3. You can use the carpool lane

Many cities come complete with special lanes designed for high-occupancy vehicles. If you’re carpooling, then you’ll qualify for this category and you can sail into work skipping all the busy lanes. This is pretty important in the winter when your journey times are made longer anyway thanks to snow, slush, ice and other wintry hazards that keep your speed down.

4. A chance to make new friends

When you carpool, you may discover new friendships with colleagues you were formerly only on nodding terms with. What better that to discover you have friends you haven’t met yet, right there on your drive-to-work route? It’s good to know who’s close by if you ever have a winter emergency!

5. Your commute becomes usable time

If you’re not having to drive into work every day, then your commute becomes usable time. Go through your presentation notes, check and answer some emails, try out your speech on the other passengers. It’s stuff you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do while your eyes are fixated on the snowy and icy roads ahead.

These and other benefits await any of you that consider carpooling. If you’ve never tried it before, let this coming winter be the time you take advantage of this great idea.

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