IplayAmerica Indoor Amusement Park New Jersey #TravelBlogger

iplay11Looking for a place to bring the kids and have fun for the day? IPlayAmerica is an indoor amusement park. Imagine the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore brought inland and blended with a city street complete with quaint shops, all energized by the excitement of indoor rides and attractions giving our guests nearly 4 acres of fun. That’s IPlay America, NJ’s largest indoor amusement park. As you walk through the indoor park there are signs and building replicating the boardwalk. I love it. 

iplay9This month they have a trick or treatment that you can buy tickets for. The kids get to go on a hunt following the map to find the different locations to trick or treat at.iplay

There are so may fun things to do. Beside going on the amazing rides that the kids will love. The rides include: All American Ford Speedway, Freedom Ryder, Sky Scraper, Kite Flyer, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Happy Swing, Jump Around, Carousel, Jump Around, Dizzy Dragons.iplay5

They also have laser tag, ropes course, virtual bowling and4d theatre.  Arcade and boardwalk games galore. You can spend so much time playing and having fun. There is also a place to get food, drinks and of coarse a shop for those seiners and sugary snacks.

iplay13My two kids and husband and myself went on the Freedom Ryder. It is a fun ride if you like spinning. My husband actually was getting motion sickness. We had a good laugh when he got off. His stomach sure isn’t what it use to be. It is a roller coaster that the cars spin.

Make sure to check out IplayAmerica website as they have a calendar of things going on each month. 

iplay2iplay10Also while we were at the indoor amusement park there were issues with one of the games that a special need boy was playing. These two employees Spencer and Shaun went out of their way to help him. I was very pleased to see that. IplayAmerica and their staff make sure that you have a memorable and safe time enjoying your day at their park.iplay3

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