How to Avoid Expensive Winter Repairs


A lot of people dread driving in the winter, not just because the conditions are more dangerous, but also because of the potentially huge cost of any repairs needed due to winter-inspired damage or accidents. There are several things you can do to minimize the risks to your budget and dodge the exorbitant costs of repairs. Here are a few ideas from Claremont Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Let’s look closer:

1. Preventative maintenance throughout the year

Yes, smaller regular maintenance jobs like oil and filter changes, tire rotation and proper inflation, brake checks and fluid checks will save you from more expensive repairs later on. A regular check means you spot small problems before they turn into big ones, and fix minor damage before it grows into insurance-inducing damage.

2. Check on your battery

The battery is like the engine’s heart. The jolt it provides starts up the engine and keeps it running properly. Winter is going to fall on your battery like a lion on an antelope, so you need to have it in 100 percent working order. Have your dealership mechanic check the posts and connections for corrosion, and also that it has enough fluid in it.

3. Consider winter tires

This one is a case of an initial investment preventing a bigger problem later on, like insurance. You may balk at winter tires because 1) they seem expensive and 2) you already have all-season tires. So, why bother with winter tires? If you live in an area with a harsh, snowy and icy winter, you need winter tires. All-season tires are not designed for any kind of extreme, so they won’t serve you well in those cold, sub-zero months! 

4. Clean your undercarriage

The winter is the worst time of year for the car’s undercarriage. Thanks to road salt, slush and general dirt everywhere, your undercarriage (as well as the rest of your car) is in for some punishment. One of the best things you can do to prevent any unnecessary damage is to clean the undercarriage well before winter starts, and then set yourself a goal to clean it again regularly through the worst of the winter weather.

5. Don’t take unnecessary risks

The final piece of advice is quite self-explanatory. When the weather is making the road more dangerous, the number of risks you may have to take to get places on time is increased. Give yourself more journey time, keep your speeds under the limit, use your headlamps and avoid risky journeys that are unnecessary. Plan well and you can avoid accidents that could add a very unwelcome bill to your regular expenses pile.

Let’s not get caught in any financial traps this winter. Follow our guide, keep your budget on target and, more importantly, stay safe.

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