How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money


Did you ever skip a bit of maintenance for your car, or push it to next month? You may have thought to yourself, “Yes! Saved some money there.” You should know that you may think you’ve saved money this time, but in fact that decision could come back and bite you in the…well, somewhere bad. When it comes to car maintenance, you need to think long term. In this article, Buhler Bitter will tell you in three big reasons why keeping up with regular maintenance saves you money over time.

1. Preventative measures save you from having to fix worse problems

Let’s use the example of brake pads to illustrate this. When your brake pads are down to about an eighth of an inch in thickness, that’s when it’s time to replace them. You may think you can wait longer, get more use of them, right? Wrong. If you don’t get them fixed around that time, not only are you putting you and your passengers’ lives at risk by having brakes near the end of their shelf life, but you also will face a bigger repair bill, possibly $400 or more, because your worn brake pad will leave marks on the brake rotor. 

A small repair prevents the need for a bigger one. Stalling the small repair is a clear false economy. 

2. You’ll be able to use your vehicle longer

For many, the car starting to run down is the green light to buying a replacement. Now imagine a car that you have regularly maintained and not put off key repairs for. Do you think that car will last longer or for less time? It’s obvious. Not skipping basic regular maintenance will keep your car running longer, thus putting off the much bigger expense of replacing it in the future.

3. You can save money on gas

When a car loses miles-per-gallon in fuel efficiency, it’s because something is starting to go wrong. When it rolled off the factory floor, it was in perfect condition, but now that you’ve been neglecting the maintenance, you’re losing efficiency. Your car will eat up more and more gas as it tries to keep itself going. Keep up with maintenance and you can avoid this fate.

It’s a no brainer. When we keep our cars regularly maintained, we save ourselves money in different ways. Turn your attention to the long term, and don’t stay focused on that smaller amount of money you think you’re saving right now.

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