Crayola Glitter Dots

cray1I love glitter. My husband hates when it gets all over the house. It is so hard to clean up. Crayola has a new Product called Glitter Dots. They are amazing. They are little dots of glitter that you can smoosh onto different things decorating them with different color glitters without the mess. cray5The first set came with these adorable plastic keychains that you put the glitter in. It was so easy that Armando was able to do it by himself.

cray4These sets come with different color glitters. You can also get different sets that come with different tools to help you decorate. You can decorate paper, picture frames even cups. I decorate cups with glitter and then epoxy them. I figured I would try the glitter dots on a cup. I had to brush over them with some mode poodle but, I love the way the cup looks. cray6

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