13 Common Sense Items for your Winter Emergency Kit



It’s always a good idea to keep an emergency kit in the car in case you break down in the middle of nowhere and are stranded waiting for help to come. It’s also good for doing a basic clean up and needed first-aid after any accident. Winter brings the most treacherous driving conditions, and the risks of break downs, getting stuck in the snow, or having an accident major or minor are all increased. Here are 13 great ideas of common-sense items for your winter emergency kit from Gulf Chrysler Dodge Jeep:

1. Water 

You don’t know how long you’ll be there, and you need to stay hydrated.

2. Blankets

If your car’s heater is not working, then you and your passengers will need these to stay warm.

3. First-aid kit

If anyone has been injured, use it to clean up any cuts and bruises before medical help arrives, especially if it could take a long time for help to arrive.

4. Non-perishable snacks

Nuts, seeds and similar items are ideal, you can keep them in the trunk or glove compartment and they won’t go bad; ready for when you need them.

5. Ice scraper and snow brush

Investing in a good scraper and brush can help keep your windshield clear in the wintry weather.

6. Snow shovel

You never know when you might need to dig the car out of somewhere.

7. Flashlight and extra batteries

The winter nights draw in early and it’s very likely you’ll be in the dark. Have a flashlight and spare batteries, just in case.

8. Spare cellphone charger

This goes without saying. Don’t get caught without a way to charge up your dying phone.

9. Extra winter clothing

If it’s that one time you headed out without enough winter clothes like hats, gloves and coats, then keeping some spares in the car for emergencies is a good idea.

10. Jumper cables

You can’t be sure everyone else will have them when you need them, so better to have them yourself.

11. Tire chains

If the weather has worsened while you’ve been out, you might need these for a safer drive back to the homestead.

12. Car-friendly games/activities

Whether you’ve broken down and are waiting for help, or if your general journey times have been increased, it’s always good to have plenty of car-friendly activities on hand to keep the kids busy.

13. Triangle reflectors 

When it’s dark out and you’re stuck at the side of the road, you may need these reflectors to warn approaching drivers to slow down and take care. 

All the items above are readily available in neighborhood stores. If you’re missing anything, get down there to buy what you need now before the winter arrives.

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