10 Money-saving Driving Tips


Owning a car isn’t a cheap deal. There always seem to be costs popping up here and there. There are, however, some great ways you can use to cut your driving costs and save money. It takes some commitment on your part, but when you’re counting the extra money in your wallet, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that it was worth it. Here are our top ten money-saving driving tips from Bedford Jeep.

1. Preventative Car Maintenance

Yes, we know. This one seems a counter-intuitive way to save money, but this one is a long-term saver. If you spend a little money regularly to keep your car in good working order, then you can prevent larger (and more expensive) problems from happening later.

2. Market Research

Maximize your use of digital tools like Gas Buddy to help you find the cheapest available necessities. Generally take a bit of time to shop around for things online and over time you’ll save a great deal.

3. Don’t bother with premium fuel

If you drive a pretty standard sedan or hatchback, then there’s no real added benefit to buying the premium fuel. You’re throwing good money after bad when you buy premium.

4. Alter your driving habits

Several daily things you do might be increasing your gas costs by up to 30 percent. Did you know that? For example, in a manual transmission, always drive in the highest gear possible; when you have space, let your car slow naturally instead of using the brakes; don’t over-rev the car when accelerating.

5. Avoid the sun

The sun’s UV rays will do a real number on your paint, leather seats and even your engine if left in the hot daytime sun too long.

6. Turn down the a/c

When you leave the a/c on high, the car is using up more gas. Turn it down and save. If you’re in a place with less traffic, just open the windows and let the breeze cool you down.

7. Keep tires inflated

When you keep your tires at the right pressure, they’ll last longer, thus giving you better mileage. Better yet, you’ll have much less chance of a dangerous blowout!

8. Stick to the speed limit

Speed limits don’t just save lives, they save you money! Even an increase of around 10-15mph can increase fuel usage up to 20 percent.

9. Adapt for seasons

Small changes you make for the more extreme seasons of summer and winter can make all the difference to your car’s health. Switching to winter tires gives you better traction, for example, and will help you avoid expensive collisions. 

10. Carpool

If you work somewhere where you and your colleagues all commute, consider setting up a carpool program. This cuts down your car usage and saves you money on both gas and maintenance. Not only that, it saves you time as you can use the carpool lane!

Don’t let driving be just another added expense. Follow our guide and squeeze every penny.

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