Why You Should Change to Winter Tires


“If I have all-season tires, why would I need a dedicated set of winter tires?” We’ve heard this question a lot. To be frank, it’s a fair question, and deserves a good explanation. In this article we are going to explain why those living in locations where winters are harsh, freezing, snowy and long certainly need a set of winter tires on standby. Here are a few tips from Junction Auto Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

1. They’re superior to all-season tires

If you live in a temperate zone where the winter temperature rarely (if ever) drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then all-season tires are for you. That’s not a problem. For those in the northeast or mid-west regions, however, it’s another story. Winter tires provide better traction thanks to their far-superior tread patterns. In short, they are purpose built for the harsher and colder winters that many face. All-season tires are not designed for any kind of extreme.

Better traction means a safer winter journey. It’s a no-brainer.

2. They’re not as expensive as you think

We don’t deny that as an initial investment, winter tires can be pricey ($1,000 on high-end cars with big wheels). But have you considered the initial cost compared to the less obvious costs of not having them? If you have a collision with another vehicle that’s deemed your fault, your premiums are going to increase for at least 12 months. Even worse, your lack of willingness to bear some financial cost could cost you more dearly in a winter car accident. When you reflect on the big picture, it’s a worthwhile expense.

3. You don’t have to store them yourself

It’s understandable that if you live in a downtown apartment with no private garage, you may wonder where on earth you’re going to keep a spare set of tires. Luckily, there are dealerships that have you covered now, and you can gain inexpensive storage options for your tires in the other months of the year.

4. Peace of mind on dangerous roads

Driving in snow and ice is a typical fear of many drivers, even those with more experience. There seems to be so much uncertainty about how safe any speed or maneuver is when you’re doing it, and you remain at a heightened sense of danger throughout each journey. Winter tires will help reassure you as you use them. You’ll see you can drive a lot more normally with these tires than you could with all-season tires. Having some confidence is a good thing, and will help you be less distracted by your fear.

For these reasons and just because you know it makes sense. Consider a good-quality set of winter tires this year.

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